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By: Health Shaker  08-01-2010
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Bovine colostrum is the yellowish, pre-milk liquid produced from the mammary glands of cows during the first 24 to 48 hours after giving birth. It contains insulin like growth factors I and II. Colostrum is also known as first milk, and is one of the oldest and most exceptional foods that can be found in nature. This is because it is the milk created by the mammalian (mother) for her offspring in the first 24 hours of giving birth.

The effective substances that are present in the first milk are found nowhere else in nature in such high, perfectly balanced concentrations as only nature can do. Humans have not found a way to replicate this perfect growth food and immune enhancing substance. 

Benefits of Colostrum :
- Improves overall sense of well being
- Gives the body higher energy level
- Relieves stress and elevates good mood
- Increase exercise tolerance and endurance
- Enhances the digestive processes
- Accelerates wound healing and cell regeneration
- Stimulates healthy bone metabolism
- Improves the quality of sleep
- Helps the body to burn fat and build lean muscles

Colostrum Intake Method :
1 - 5 years old = For body immunity
6 - 15 years old = Growth Development
16 - 20 years old = Maturity
21 - 40 years old = Stay Healthy To Prevent Osteoporosis
41 - 60 years old = Prevent Ageing and Osteoporosis
61 years old and above = Keep Health

Product Rate: 1 box (30 pcs) @ RM150.00
Try pack       : 5 pcs @ RM30.00

Keywords: Health, Skin Care Products, Slimming

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