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By: Health Shaker  08-01-2010
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CELLFOOD is the world's leading high-performance oxygen and hydrogen based consumer health product. For over 40 years, CELLFOOD has safely provided nutritional benefits, without toxicity. Invented by Everett L. Storey, CELLFOOD is a proprietary formulation of a super energized colloidal mineral concentrate.

CELLFOOD's Di-base, Di-pole Deuterium Sulfate provides an incredible oxygen source and delivery system to the body at the cellular level. Scientists recognize that most diseases and infections are caused by oxygen starvation at the cellular level. This award winning formula naturally provides the highest level of nascent oxygen and hydrogen in supplement form for improving energy, endurance and natural health.

CELLFOOD has the unique ability to dissociate the water molecule into nascent hydrogen and nascent oxygen. This Water Splitting Technology enables the release of hydrogen and oxygen gases simultaneously in a chain reaction that involves one five hundred thousandths of the available moisture at one time. Water splitting is achieved by means of shifting and weakening the bonding electrons (ionic transfers) of the water molecules towards oxygen and away from hydrogen.

CELLFOOD allows the bonds in the electron distribution to be unsymmetrical (polar). The water molecules can then be described as Di-pole, with the oxygen atom acting as a negative pole and the hydrogen atom acting as a positive pole. Contained in this formula are "Aerobic" proteins, 17 amino acids, 34 enzymes, 78 minerals and trace elements, deuterons, electrolytes and dissolved oxygen.

CELLFOOD enhances nutrient absorption and increases metabolism. It promotes greater availability of vitamins, minerals, herbs and other nutrients. CELLFOOD allows the body to function cleanly and efficiently, resulting in an increased energy level over time.

Product Rate: RM198.00 / bottle (30ml)

Keywords: Health, Skin Care Products

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