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By: Elioe.com - Marketing Intelligence  02-06-2009
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Elioe.com's Diagnosis of Web Presence for your business is a free personalized report of your company's status, reputation, impact, presence and stage in the world wide web. The purpose to personalizing these reports are simple - Every business is unique by itself, due to dampening factors affecting web presence such as marketing severity, optimization level and unique activities performed by different companies in different geographical locations.

How and why is this report free?

As a company that emphasizes on marketing intelligence, Elioe.com's measurement and improvement methodology relies on user response, company activities and combined data acquired from both dimensions of a business's presence offline and online. Since our data rely on perplexing amalgamation of statistical data and human governance, it's important that businesses know what's wrong with themselves and start changing themselves first to benefit the entire industry.

The diagnosis report you're getting holds the capability of delivering enhanced revenue opportunities for the internal staff, from the top management down. In the future, Elioe.com will introduce revenue based services that will help accelerate business growth even quicker, with premium automated web applications.

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