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By:  12-02-2009
Keywords: cheap, Boat, online booking is a Global Online Employees Members Users e-Booking, e-Scheduling, e-Appointment Management Portal for employers, clubs, Doctors, etc. to provide their employees , members, users with real time facilities, appointments booking,rental and approvals through the use of the combination of internet web forms and email system for effective facilities, events, appointments scheduling management:A web-based system for handling all types of facilities/appointments/accessories/rental/etc. booking and approval

Works wherever there's Internet access.Allows users to place bookings/appointments online.
Allows managers and supervisors to approve or reject users's bookings/appointments placed from virtually anywhere around the world via the web, thus saving time and increasing efficiency.
Users/Members can get up-to-date information of booking/appointment status without contacting the facilities manager.
A simple, easy to use system that eliminates paper work, saves time and money.
Email notification of bookings,approval/rejection to users/members and supervisors.

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At the end of the trial period, your group may opt to continue using at USD7 monthly subscription rate(Prepay Yearly).

* Monthly Subscription : USD7 per month (Prepay Yearly) for Unlimited rooms/accessories/aircrafts/boats/PCs/facilities/appointments/etc...!

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