Find the right translation services agency in Malaysia. Factors to compare and consider.

Find the right translation services agency in Malaysia. Factors to compare and consider. from Lyric Labs Sdn Bhd (902737-U)

By: Lyric Labs Sdn Bhd (902737-U)  29-01-2013

Are you are looking for Translation Services in Malaysia? Finding a suitable and reliable translation service provider in Malaysia has always been a challenge. Recently companies like Lyric Labs are changing the way the industry is evolving. Deployment of tools and technology, clients interact with the translator community are some of the changes market is witnessing. Today the translation companies have to be really focused to stay afloat in the market place. What are the key factors to consider when choosing a translation agency in Malaysia? Experience: The very purpose of a translation agency in Malaysia is to provide accurate translation services. Experience plays a vital role in the deliveries. Experienced translation companies deliver either on time or before to committed date. Clients should consider from when the translation agency is present in the market Scalability: It is important for any translation company in Malaysia to be scalable in their operations. Often clients find it difficult to get large volumes of translation done through their agencies on time, because these agencies work with only a couple of professional translators who can deliver small volumes. So consider working with translation agencies who have large database of translators readily available for translation assignments. Translators: How many translators does one translation agency in Malaysia have in their database? and their domain knowledge is very important for a successful translation project. e.g Chinese to English, Japanese to English, Malay to English are few major language pairs in Malaysia, for which an agency should have at least 25-30 translators. This will make sure the client request is supported constantly through out the year. Industry specific resources: Only experienced translation companies in Malaysia have such classifications, they recruit translators based on their domain knowledge. For e.g. when a legal client comes to an translation agency in Kuala Lumpur, the translation agency should be able to dedicate a translator with legal background or experience, so that the translation is 100% accurate and relevant to the industry. Variety in translation: If a client wishes to retain the translation agency on a contract basis, the agency should display variety in translation, they should be able to provide end to end translation solutions like document translation, website translation, technical translation, software translation, marketing translation, Desktop Publishing, Voice over services, etc. Technology and Tools: Tools and technology in translation project management are essential to provide accurate translation and save cost. For e.g If the agency performs translation for a client, the very purpose should be to save cost and provide best in class work, there are tools in translation that can avoid repeat word translation and save cost and time for client. So the client saves money and time every time they assign work to the translation agency. Certificate Translation: Some government agencies, departments, courts, embassies, universities require certificate to be translated to English before they accept and they will require a translator or a translation company to certify for its accuracy. As a client It is important for you to engage an approved and certified translation agency to avoid rejections Standards and Ranking: As a client kindly refer to the company's reputation in the market place. As many individuals and companies have good looking websites claim to offer quality services, but fail to deliver challenging translation jobs. It is also advisable to check if the company is an ISO 9001 Certified company and for DIN EN 15038 Certification, DIN EN 15038 is the only standard available for linguistic services. Comparison Chart: Please download the translation agency comparison chart for year 2013(Hope the above information helps you decide on the right translation agency for you in Malaysia.

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