XPERT Financial Plan


Keywords: Financial Services, Software Development, Financial Planning

This is a web based Financial Planning Platform and its key function is to cover the need to allow self investor, financial planners and financial planning companies to interact, collaborate, track and reward all parties.  

The platform will allow individual investors to self plan, build, protect and reward for the betterment of their investment, wealth planning and estate planning. The tools available in the platform will also allow them to understand their risk profile against potential investment risk. When the need arise for professional help, they can be linked to the registered financial professional within the platform  

For the Financial Planners and Financial Planning Companies it allows them the functionality to keep track of all the customer information to work seamless to offer better service, understanding of the risk appetite. The platform also allows smaller financial planning companies the opportunities to work with the larger firm to collaborate to clinch a deal. It will also provide a bigger portfolio of products and services that they can market to their clients.

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