The Multipurpose Rescue Blades

The Multipurpose Rescue Blades from

By:  05-12-2008
Keywords: Diamond Tools, rescue, fire rescue

1000tools.comhas introduced a new cutting blade for rescue saw called CAWASA Multipurpose Blade.
It cuts the following materials : Auto-Bodies Frames Iron Steel - 1/4“- 5/8” Stainless Steel Ductile Pipe Guard Rails Hurricane Glass Security Glass Fiberglass Aluminium Brass PVC Pipe Plastic Roof Tile Copper Metal Roofing Hard brick Concrete Block Reinforced concrete with rebar steel Steel Door Security Bars Door Lock Wood / Plywood 2×4 and many more ……


The diamonds are attached to the blade through a vacuum brazing process, instead of the electroplating oricess used to manufacture other diamond blades. The Vacuum brazing process means that we are able to use a thinner layer of bonding alloy to permanently fuse the cutting diamonds to the substrate. This exlusive process leave 30% more of the diamond’s cutting face and edges exposed for faster, cooler cutting and significantly longer diamond cutting life.

Keywords: Diamond Tools, fire rescue, rescue