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By: Ready Made Company Inc  06-12-2010
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With of Ready Made Company, one can easily get access to best reliable resources required for forming a company. Ready Made Company is a leading global company formation services provider in Malaysia that provides access to hundreds of ready-made shelf companies in countries like Austria, Costa Rica, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Panama, USA and Vanautu. We provide bank account opening services, nominee services for appointing directors, shareholders and managers, registered agent solutions and virtual office services for anyone who wants to form an offshore company.

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A shelf company is a company or corporation that was created and left with no activity. To say metaphorically it was put on the "shelf" to "age". This company is then sold to a person or group of persons who wish to start a company without going through all the lengthy procedures of creating a new one. Ready Made Company holds several such ready-made offshore and onshore shelf companies whose bank accounts have already been set up and operating currently. Buying such shelf corporation with working bank accounts from us can save one’s time involved in taking the steps to create a new corporation. By acquiring these one can gain easier access to corporate credits and investment capital.

Offshore banking is one of the most regulated financial industries in the world. As part of our company formation services we provide highly reliable services for opening offshore bank accounts in jurisdictions like Hong Kong, Hungary, Latvia, New Zealand, Panama, Switzerland and Vanautu. Our good contacts at good banks can help companies to successfully open and operate an offshore or overseas banking solution for their company, IBC or LLC. All the offshore or onshore companies incorporated or administered by us can avail our services for opening accounts in international banks to enjoy maximum business benefits and tax benefits of that country.

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