Pre visualization

By: Pixelmation Media  28-08-2011


Animated pre-visualisation empowers your marketing campaigns enabling your clients to understand aesthetic form and function of with minimal explanation. 3D imagery addresses important issues that affect decision making in the design process. With computer-generated 3D animation even the most imaginative ideas or projects can be realised at the hands of our skilful 3D artist.
We take advantage of well- known 3D and 2D application packages and various special effects software tools to produce rich and memorable customer experiences at a price that's affordable. Our fexible pricing scheme can
accommodate your most modest budget.

Interactive CD in E-Manual & E-Learning
This cost-effective communication concept minimizes the unnecessary involvement of manpower and provides an easy-to-understand learning interface. Users can learn from a interactive user Interface and see awesome graphic effects with integrated voice and video. Users are drawn to a richly engaging, interactive multimedia. promoting Innovation in the learning experience.

E-manual can be designed for various industries such as oil and gas, manufacturing or education where working with a sophisticated manual at hand is a necessity.

Character Animation
Our animations are made to suit the specefic  needs of the clients. These can be enhanced with the help of interactive characters. Having a virtual animated character or presenter grabs the attention of viewers and puts virtual environments in its proper context of scale and explores studies in human ergonomics. We offer character modeling and animation from concept script to screen thus raising the bar for quality in visual effects.