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ECommerce Solution / Online Shop from OnePlace

By: OnePlace  10-05-2010
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We provide 5 pages website for you just for FREE right now !

This is what you want :

-         5 Pages website  ( Home, News Promotion, Products, About Us )

-         Product search from our site accessed by all our members

-         Tracking System , Order and delivery status. Members may check their status online

-         Potential DNS and Credit Card system embedded. The system is ready made for credit card system as you may have your shop doing transaction online in the future. You may contact us for further details

That’s all, our members will be able to buy all your products just after these 2 steps. And its all FREE.

Right now we are doing pre-launching of our website. A campaign will be launched by June to deliver your products to thousands of members. So upload your products right now while its still FREE !

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