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1.      Setting Flexibility

·         Most of the functions are user-customizable. It requires 
least technical knowledge in installation and operation.

·         Fully support with Chinese & English

·         Easy backup and restore functions.

2.      Inventory Control

·         With Retail Management, Inventory can be easily managed with a click on mouse.

·         Keep track of lost/expired items easily.

·         Better forecast on future stocks ordering.

·         Reordering report could be generated based on supplier.

3.      Item Bundling Controls

·         Few items can be bundled up to become one item. System is able to deduct all the relevant items accordingly.

·         This is very useful when retailers are selling hamper or set clothes.

4.      Item Matrix Controls

·         Item Matrix Control is useful for items, which are having multiple colors and multiple sizes.

·         System will be able to generate all the related barcode automatically.

5.      Multi-branches Control

·         Designed to be controlling multi branches business. Management staff able to view all live data via Internet.

·         Able to combine multi-branches information into single report.

·         Able to broadcast latest pricing to all the branches; or branches can download latest pricing from HQ.

6.      Cancel/Void Control

·         Able to keep track of the cancelled transactions and cancelled items. Besides, cancelled transactions and items are traceable with employee code and durations.

7.      Employees/User Controls

·         Multiple user levels are assignable. Each level is having different priorities to do different operations.

·         Support unlimited employees/users.

·         Punch card functions are available.

8.      Membership Controls

·         Support multi level of member group. (e.g: Silver, Gold, and Platinum group)

·         Each group could have different discount percentage. (e.g: Silver = 5%, and Gold =10%)

·         Able to keep track of members spending power.

9.      Discount Controls

·         Total Discount based on Value. (e.g: Net Total - USD 10.00)

·         Total Discount based on Percentage. (e.g: Net Total - 10%)

·         Item Discount based on Value. (e.g: Fried Chicken = USD 3.00 - USD 0.50)

·         Item Discount based on Percentage. (e.g: Fried Chicken = USD 3.00 - 10%)

10.  Purchase With Purchase Controls (PWP)

·         Various types of PWP scheme are applied in nowadays retail businesses. System are currently able to handle more than 4 type of PWP scheme. More PWP scheme will be added from time to time.

11.  Counters Control

·         Supporting multiple counters. Means that users could have many cashier counters in a single outlet.

12.  Gross Profit Controls

·         System is able to calculate the gross profit based on hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly basis.

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