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Oilfield Single Pumping Unit from NEW NUMERIC SDN. BHD.

By: NEW NUMERIC SDN. BHD.  02-03-2012
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We provide personalized services that include constructing, assembling and maintenance new & reconditioned oilfield equipments. 

Supported by the abundant technology resources of our principal company Scorpion Oilfield Services Pte Ltd, NEW NUMERIC SDN BHD also engages into designing, testing and manufacturing in oilfield Drilling Support Services (DSS) and equipment. We provide personalized services that tailor to individuals needs and specifications. These services include constructing new and reconditioned units, building and assembling equipments as well as repair and maintenance of oilfield equipments, serving both the domestic and international sectors.

 Our Oilfield Services can be distinguised by its functional and technical expertise, combined with its hands-on experience. This ensures that our clients receive the most effective and professional service. We also provide functional and technical training and support, and resolve any arising issues swiftly. Below are our Oilfield Equipments & Services that we offer:

 Drilling Support Services (DSS):

¨ Bulk Handling System, Large/Mixers Cement or Bulking System

¨ Coil Tubing Units & Services

¨ Pumping Units, Single/Twin, Skid Mounted, High Pressure, High Volume for Cement & Acid Stimulation

¨ Fracturing Pumping Units (Skid Mounted)

¨ Cementing Accessory Equipment (Recirculation Mixers, Slurry Batch Mixers)

¨ Nitrogen Converter

¨ Data Acquisition System

Model PG Series Single Pump Cementing Skid Mixer

The PG PUMP MODULE is a skid mounted twin pump unit powered by Detroit Diesel GM 8V71N diesel engine rated for 332 BHP @ 2100 RPM through Allison Model CLT 754 (5) speed automatic transmission. Controls and instrumentation are located in centrally located control console allowing the operator a good vantage point to oversee the entire operation and simultaneously control and monitor all aspects of the pumping job. The equipment is mounted on a single custom-built heavy-duty skid with four (4) lifting points, one on each corner of the unit for use with slings (slings not included).


MAKE : Detroit Diesel GM 8V71N

Nominal HP : 332 BHP @ 2100 RPM

Radiator : Rated for 55 deg C (+ 130 deg. F)

Starter : Pneumatic starter complete with lubricator and manual starting valve

Exhaust : Spark arresting mufflers and water cool manifold

Engine Fan : 36 inch, 8 blade, blower type,

Air Compressor : Tru-Flo 400 (12 cu ft) direct mount w/air receiver integral of skid

Air Cleaner : Dry Type

Fuel Tank : 100 gallon


MAKE : Detroit Diesel Allison CLT 754 Automatic five (5) speed transmission.

Gear Ratio

First 5.1818

Second 3.1905

Third 2.0206

Fourth 1.3827

Fifth 1.000

The CLT-754 gear selection ranges are N (neutral), 1st (first gear only), 2nd (second gear only), 2nd-3rd (automatic shifting between second and third), 2nd-4th (automatic shifting between second, third & fourth) and 2nd-5th (automatic shifting between second, third, fourth & fifth). Converter lock-up at 1500 rpm.


MAKE : PG Series

Type : Single Acting Plunger Type

Arrangement : Horizontal

Stroke Length : 5’

Plunger Size : 5”

Maximum Pressure : 5500 P.S.I

Maximum Volume : 10.3 B.P.M

Ram Oil : Air over oil

Manifold : 4” rear suction, 2” bleed and 2” rear discharge

Gauge : Martin Decker panel mount, 0 - 10,000 PSI (Operators console)

The pump has a chain case drive ratio of 27 to 40 totally enclosed in a all steel power case and is equipped with roller bearings. The pump is also equipped with acid resistant steel plungers and is recommended for pumping acid, water, drilling fluids and other fluids as well as cement slurries.

The pump power end is of a heavy-duty design for 400 input horsepower capability on intermittent services.

The triplex pump is equipped with a six inch (6”), 10,000 psi discharge pressure gauge mounted on the unit operators console and connected by a 1502 gauge protector and hose.


Controls and instrumentation are located in an centrally located control console for ease access and visibility.

Controls Operations

Engine throttle Pneumatic

Engine starter Pneumatic

Engine shutoff Pneumatic

Transmission shift Manual

Ram oiler valve Pneumatic

Instrumentation Operations

Engine oil pressure gauge Hydraulic

Engine water temperature gauge Mechanical

Engine tachometer Mechanical

Transmission pressure gauge Hydraulic

Transmission temperature gaugeMechanical

Triplex pump pressure gauge Hydraulic

Triplex pump temperature gauge Mechanical

Discharge pressure gauge Hydraulic

Keywords: Drilling Support Services



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