Oilfield Coiled Tubing Unit

Oilfield Coiled Tubing Unit from NEW NUMERIC SDN. BHD.

By: NEW NUMERIC SDN. BHD.  02-03-2012
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We provide personalized services that include constructing, assembling and maintenance new & reconditioned oilfield equipments.

Supported by the abundant technology resources of our principal company Scorpion Oilfield Services Pte Ltd, NEW NUMERIC SDN BHD also engages into designing, testing and manufacturing in oilfield Drilling Support Services (DSS) and equipment. We provide personalized services that tailor to individuals needs and specifications. These services include constructing new and reconditioned units, building and assembling equipments as well as repair and maintenance of oilfield equipments, serving both the domestic and international sectors.

 Our Oilfield Services can be distinguised by its functional and technical expertise, combined with its hands-on experience. This ensures that our clients receive the most effective and professional service. We also provide functional and technical training and support, and resolve any arising issues swiftly. Below are our Oilfield Equipments & Services that we offer:

 Drilling Support Services (DSS):

¨ Bulk Handling System, Large/Mixers Cement or Bulking System

¨ Coil Tubing Units & Services

¨ Pumping Units, Single/Twin, Skid Mounted, High Pressure, High Volume for Cement & Acid Stimulation

¨ Fracturing Pumping Units (Skid Mounted)

¨ Cementing Accessory Equipment (Recirculation Mixers, Slurry Batch Mixers)

¨ Nitrogen Converter

¨ Data Acquisition System

HR 240 Coiled Tubing Unit

Control Cabin / Power Pack Combination

Cabin Specifications:

The Coiled Tubing units have been manufactured to specifications and include several unique features. Each module has its own skid and protective framing. The unit can consequently be used either on or off a trailer and can if required be transported in individual modules. The weight savings involved with combining the power pack and control cabin into one skid for the three piece unit means that the unit can be mounted onto a single trailer without exceeding its weight, height and width.


Power Pack/Cabin Assembly 25,000lb (11,340kg)


Engine Throttle Air

Fuel Kill Air

Emergency Engine KillAir

Starter Air

Total Pump Quantity 6

Injector Circuit

(High flow 60GPM Nominal) 59gpm/3000psi

(Low flow 30GPM Nominal) 28gpm/3000psi

Reel 16gpm/2500psi

Levelwind 28gpm/2500psi

BOP 12gpm/3000psi

Hose Reel or Auxiliary 28gpm/2500psi

Priority Circuit 12gpm/2100psi

Keywords: Drilling Support Services



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