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Oilfield Cementing Equipment & Services from NEW NUMERIC SDN. BHD.

By: NEW NUMERIC SDN. BHD.  02-03-2012
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We provide personalized services that include constructing, assembling and maintenance new & reconditioned oilfield equipments. 

Supported by the abundant technology resources of our principal company Scorpion Oilfield Services Pte Ltd, NEW NUMERIC SDN BHD also engages into designing, testing and manufacturing in oilfield Drilling Support Services (DSS) and equipment. We provide personalized services that tailor to individuals needs and specifications. These services include constructing new and reconditioned units, building and assembling equipments as well as repair and maintenance of oilfield equipments, serving both the domestic and international sectors.

 Our Oilfield Services can be distinguised by its functional and technical expertise, combined with its hands-on experience. This ensures that our clients receive the most effective and professional service. We also provide functional and technical training and support, and resolve any arising issues swiftly. Below are our Oilfield Equipments & Services that we offer:

Drilling Support Services (DSS):

¨ Bulk Handling System, Large/Mixers Cement or Bulking System

¨ Coil Tubing Units & Services

¨ Pumping Units, Single/Twin, Skid Mounted, High Pressure, High Volume for Cement & Acid Stimulation

¨ Fracturing Pumping Units (Skid Mounted)

¨ Cementing Accessory Equipment (Recirculation Mixers, Slurry Batch Mixers)

¨ Nitrogen Converter

¨ Data Acquisition System

Model PG Series Twin Pump Cementing Skid w / Recirculation Mixer


Two Detroit Diesel GM 8V71N diesel engine rated for 350 BHP @ 2100 RPM

Two CLT 750 five (5) speed automatic transmission

One PG Series 5" Dia Plunger Triplex Pump

One PG Series 3 3/4” Dia Plunger Triplex Pump

One 8 bbl mixing and averaging tank

One 2X10 bbl displacement tank

Two SERVA 6 x 5 centrifugal pumps which is PTO driven (cement mixing recirculation and

transfer to triplex pumps)

Two SERVA 2 x 3 centrifugal pumps which is PTO driven (mix water and displacement fluid)

One Air reservoir, 15 gal

General Specifications:

  • The PG Series Pump is a high pressure pumping unit mounted on a skid. The unit is comprised of a high-pressure pumping system, recirculation mixing system and fluid handing system.
  • The high pressure pumping system consists of two pump unit powered by Detroit Diesel GM 8V71N diesel engine rated for 332BHP @ 2100 RPM through Allison Model CLT 750 five (5) speed automatic transmission. The fluid handling system consists of centrifugal pumps for recirculation, boost and mix water. Manifold consists of necessary piping, valves and connections to perform cementing jobs.
  • The triplex pumps are horizontal single acting plunger pumps and consist of fluid end and power end. The fluid ends are made of alloy steel and are recommended for pumping cement, acid, water, drilling fluids and other well service fluids.
  • The mixing system consists of a high-energy jet mixing system, high rate recirculation pump. A densitometer is mounted in the recirculation line. The 1.25 M3 (8bbl) mixing and averaging tank maintains the ability to mix cement on the fly with good density control and provides adequate residence time for good cement mixing
  • The displacement tank consists of two 1.59 m3 (10 bbl) working volume compartments with "barrel" marks. Tanks have full flow piping to rear of unit for ease of cleanup.
  • Control panel labeled in English , most panel gauge units in English
  • 105MPa (15,000 psi) valves and discharge manifold


Pressure Range

This unit has a maximum working pressure of 70 MPa (10,000 psi) w/3 3/4” plunger pum

Flow Rate

Maximum theoretical total flow rate is 2.27 m3/min (600GPM)

Density Range of Slurry

Maximum slurry weight is 1.0 - 2.7 g/cm3 (8.33-22.6 lb/gal)

Slurry Mixing Capacity Range

Mixing range will be 0 – 1.25 m3/min (0 - 8BPM)

  • Continuous Working Time at Rated WP of 70 MPa (10,000 psi): 2 hours
  • Continuous Working Time at Maximum Flow Rate: >3 hours


Model: Allison CLT 750

Gear ratios:

1 st 5.1818

2 nd 3.1905

3 rd 2.0206

4 th 1.3827

5 th 1.000


  • Heavy-duty drivelines are used between the transmission and triplex pumps. They are built with heavy-duty universal joints using 1710 series components.
  • Installation of drivelines is such that the manufacturer's maximum recommended angle is not exceeded.
  • Each driveline is equipped with a metal guard assembly complete with greasing access.

High Pressure Pumping System:

Triplex Pump

PG Series pump is a reciprocating, volumetric, horiontal, single-acting triplex plunger pump. Its maximum rated input power is 400HP. The PG Series pump is designed for intermittent oil well service jobs as acidizing, cementing, fracturing, kick-killing and gravel packing applications.

Power End Lubrication System

Positive displacement pumps drive the lubrication system for the triplex pump power ends. 

Keywords: Drilling Support Services



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