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Oilfield Batch Mixing Skid from NEW NUMERIC SDN. BHD.

By: NEW NUMERIC SDN. BHD.  02-03-2012
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We provide personalized services that include constructing, assembling and maintenance new & reconditioned oilfield equipments.

Supported by the abundant technology resources of our principal company Scorpion Oilfield Services Pte Ltd, NEW NUMERIC SDN BHD also engages into designing, testing and manufacturing in oilfield Drilling Support Services (DSS) and equipment. We provide personalized services that tailor to individuals needs and specifications. These services include constructing new and reconditioned units, building and assembling equipments as well as repair and maintenance of oilfield equipments, serving both the domestic and international sectors.

 Our Oilfield Services can be distinguised by its functional and technical expertise, combined with its hands-on experience. This ensures that our clients receive the most effective and professional service. We also provide functional and technical training and support, and resolve any arising issues swiftly. Below are our Oilfield Equipments & Services that we offer:

 Drilling Support Services (DSS):

¨ Bulk Handling System, Large/Mixers Cement or Bulking System

¨ Coil Tubing Units & Services

¨ Pumping Units, Single/Twin, Skid Mounted, High Pressure, High Volume for Cement & Acid Stimulation

¨ Fracturing Pumping Units (Skid Mounted)

¨ Cementing Accessory Equipment (Recirculation Mixers, Slurry Batch Mixers)

¨ Nitrogen Converter

¨ Data Acquisition System

BCS-300-100A Batch Mixing Skid


The BCS-300-100A batch mixing skid is comprised of one 300 BHP auxiliary power engine with close-loop hydraulic system, two 50-bbl batch tanks each equipped with hydraulic driven paddle agitator, two 6X5 centrifugal pumps for

slurry recirculation and transfer, stainless steel control console and all required piping and manifold. All components and systems will be assembled in a manner that will provide easy access for maintenance. The skid is capable of mixing slurry up to 2.5 g/cm3 (21 PPG).

1. Power system

1.1 Diesel Engine

Engine model: Catpillar C7

  • Rated Horsepower: [email protected]
  • Starting: electrical starter
  • Cooling: Heavy-duty radiator
  • Accessories: Air compressor
  • Heavy-duty air filter with restriction indicator
  • 12V DC alternator and 12V battery
  • Exhaust manifold with flexible connection, muffler and rain cap.
  • 50 Gal fuel tank

1.2 Gear box: Funk

  • Two output port (SAE C)
  • Output ratio: 1:1

1.3 Hydraulic System

The hydraulic system consists of closed hydraulic pumps and open loop

systems. The close loop pumps will be heavy-duty variable displacement pumps

and the valves mounted on the panel of console can control its displacement.

The close loop systems are for direct driving the centrifugal pumps and the open

loop systems are for the tank agitators.

The following components will be driven by the system:

  • Two (2) Recirculating and boost centrifugal pump (Note: each centrifugal pump drive motor speed is variable and individually controlled)
  • Two (2) Batch tank paddle agitators (note: each paddle speed is variable and individually controlled)
  • Also supplied are other main components of hydraulic system including: 42 gal (160 liters) stainless steel reservoirs, equipped with sight gauge, breather, valves and manifolds.
  • All hydraulic gauges
  • Hydraulic filters/strainers
  • Hydraulic oil coolers
  • Necessary relief and check valves to prevent over pressuring and flow reversals in the hydraulic oil circle.
  • Hydraulic hoses

2. Recirculating / Boost Centrifugal Pumps

  • Model: RA56
  • Suction: 6”
  • Discharge: 5”
  • Max. Flow rate at 64 psi: 3.7 m3/min (23 bpm)
  • Maximum closed-in pressure: 0.49 MPa (70 psi)

3. Manifold

3.1 Low-pressure piping:

  • The two centrifugal pumps are equipped with suction manifold that include 2 manually controlled 4” valves external suction inlets each with 4” Fig 100 female hammer union connections and 2 manually controlled 6” valves that are be connected to the batch mixing Tank discharge connections. These suction manifolds will allow the pumps to take fluid from either a external source or from a batch mixing tank.
  • Suction manifold of each centrifugal pump will be interconnected by manually controlled 6” butterfly valves.
  • Both pumps are also equipped with a discharge manifold that includes 2 manually controlled 4” valves external discharge outlets each with Fig. 100 female hammer union connections and 2 manually controlled 4” valves that are connected to the simple mixer recirculating slurry inlet.
  • Discharge manifold of each centrifugal pump will be interconnected by manually controlled 4” butterfly valves.
  • The load line for the mix tank should be 3” piping and Inlet connection should be 2” 1502 union connection and protected by a relief valve to ensure that other equipment cannot accidentally over pressurize the piping of this unit.
  • All the piping will be schedule 40 and be equipped with an adequate number of Victaulic fittings that will allow easy disassembly and cleaning of the piping in the case of blocked lines.
  • A simple jet mixer is offered for slurry mixing and recirculation.
  • Two manuals controlled cementing metering valves are utilized for direct bulk delivery. Connections: 4” Fig.100 female union.
  • Two union connected removable hoppers are available for sack product manual mixing.
  • 3.2 Semi-automatic Tank Washing System
  • After cementing job, Hook pressure water (external mixing water) to the shaft of tank agitator via rotating union, and with the rotation of the agitator, the flush water can wash and clean tank efficiently.

4. Batch Mixing tanks

The 2 50-bbl capacity batch tanks have the following features:

  • Open cylindrical top and conical bottom
  • Fiberglass-Reinforced grid covered on the top
  • Removable Safety handrail on top of tank
  • Calibration makers, both in metric (0.1 m3 graduation) and bbl unit (0.5bbl graduation)
  • Ladders inside and outside the tank
  • Steel support members
  • Each tank will be equipped with a hydraulically driven Paddle type mixing agitator with gear reducer.

Keywords: Drilling Support Services



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