By: Maven International  23-09-2013
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Our interpretation solutions are distinguished by the best quality and the most competitive rates in a fast-paced market demanding accuracy, consistency, and professionalism. Relying on Maven International for your interpretation solutions provides you with top notch quality, as well as a smooth and perfectly interpreted message fully inclusive of localization, semantics, technical jargon and the very spirit behind your source content. Maven’s interpretation solutions are guaranteed to surpass your expectations. Aside from the provided solution, we offer you a dynamic high-value premium package of complimentary solutions tailored to your needs, at no extra cost. Our interpreters go through an expertly conducted evaluation which assesses their competence based on their educational credentials, experience, and language proficiency. Simultaneous interpretation refers to real-time interpretation that runs in synchronized pace with your speaking source in terms of speed and content, usually by means of an interpreter in a separate sound-proof booth. Consecutive interpretation refers to a form of interpretation where the client pauses after speaking to allow their words to be interpreted to the target party.

Keywords: Conference Interpretation, Interpretation Equipment, interpretation in kuala lumpur, interpretation in malaysia,

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Maven International provides you with premium professional interpretation, translation, and editing solutions. We work with over 30+ languages, and leading corporations and agencies from around the world. We are distinguished by providing the best possible quality for competitive rates, while ensuring our clients always come first, actively seeking your satisfaction and guaranteeing you premium quality solutions. Maven International goes beyond ensuring our clients’ satisfaction, and ensures tha