LYE Motor Oil Recycling/ Engine Oil Purification/ Engine Oil Regeneration System

By: Klean Oil Purification Systems  19-10-2010
Keywords: Engine Oil, Motor Oil, hydraulic oil


LYE Series Engine Oil Purification Plant is a highly efficient regeneration system, which is designed for recycling seriously deteriorated waste engine oil. The machine can efficiently remove water, gases and other harmful particles, restoring the oil’s original quality and transparency.


This machine adopts physical & chemical theory to get the refined and regenerated oil.

With the special waste gas collecting and absorbing device, this machine can stop most of the harmful gas going into the air and be friendly to the environment.

The fine filtering system use fully-automatic filter press with liquid press method to remove impurities, which have big area to filter impurities and can be operated and maintained easily.

The advanced fully-automatic temperature controlling system, liquid-level controlling system, defoaming controlling system, pressure protecting system and excellent equipment can ensure operation of the machine with high performance.

Indirect heating used by the heating system to ensure waste oil to be heated evenly and the temperature of waste oil to be stable.

The vacuum system is used for high-level removing the micro water and the left gas of the waste oil.

Product line:
1: Engine oil purifier
2: Insulating oil purifier (Transformer Oil)
3: Lubricating oil purifier
4: Turbine oil purifier
5: Hydraulic oil purifier
6. Light Oil (Fuel) Purifier
7. Edible Oil Purifier
8. Centrifugal Oil Purifier
9. Industrial Oil Tester

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