BZ Insulating Oil Purifier/Transformer Oil Dehydration/Dielectric Oil Degasifier/Oil Reclamation

By: Klean Oil Purification Systems  19-10-2010
Keywords: Engine Oil, Motor Oil, hydraulic oil

Technical features:
1. BZ series utilize physiochemical means to recover deteriorated transformer oil and circuit breaker oil while removing the acid content, suspended matter and precipitated residues in oil.
2. It utilizes a special purificant which allows for operation while transformer stays running in normal manner without switching off power and change of oil.
3.  The basic content and anti-oxygenic property of oil remain the same after treatment, and is brought back to the specification of new oil; insulator property and safety of equipment are enhanced while cost is reduced by 90% compared with conventional way of oil-change. It is recommended to use the recycling device after oil withstand voltage is treated to an acceptable range, in which case cost will be even much lower and operation will be more effective.
4. No.6 – 10 dark colored oil can be retrofitted to the color of No.2 – 4 oil.
5.  The medium wear down factors can be reduced, which enables oil getting back to the specification of new oil Use: Fit to recovery of inferior transformer oil.

Product line:
1: Engine oil purifier
2: Insulating oil purifier (Transformer Oil)
3: Lubricating oil purifier
4: Turbine oil purifier
5: Hydraulic oil purifier
6. Light Oil (Fuel) Purifier
7. Edible Oil Purifier
8. Centrifugal Oil Purifier
9. Industrial Oil Tester

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