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KAM Haze / Colour Analyzer from KAM CONTROLS S.E.A. SDN BHD

By: KAM CONTROLS S.E.A. SDN BHD  30-12-2009
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In refined products, color variations indicate impurities and/or the presence of trace water or haze. This contamination can be a significant liability as color differentiation can be easily detected by the end user. The KAM CHA™ Colorimeter/Haze Analyzer is the ideal qualitative solution for monitoring both the color of refined products, including those with added dyes, and the presence of haze in pipelines following the refining process. 

Utilizing a unique 5-LED design, the KAM CHA™ detects interface color variations within 1%, and unlike most colorimeters can detect the entire range of visible color as defined by CIE 1931 (International Commission on Illumination). Final color measurement can be expressed as haze plus three color (X, Y, Z) or in several industry-standard color scales including, Saybolt, Platinum and Cobalt, and ASTM. Measurement is fully automatic without the need for operator intervention or supervision, and the output signal can be sent to the SCADA, PLC’s, or to a Central Control Room for logging or display on chart recorders or monitors.

The KAM CHA™ does not require site calibration, and the incorporated computer automatically adjusts for electronic noise and any LED fluctuations. Because the absorption rates of the different colored fluids vary resulting in different signal strengths, the computer also automatically adjusts the amplification or gain accordingly.

The simplicity of design and quality of engineering employed in the Colorimeter/Haze Analyzer mean there are no moving parts. Using long-lasting LED light sources ensures long-term, stable performance with limited maintenance and power requirements. In addition, locating the electronics within an explosion-proof enclosure directly on the atmospheric end of the optical probe creates a complete and compact unit with maximum installation flexibility. The KAM CHA™ easily installs where other colorimeters, weighed down by large electronics/computer units, cannot. 

The KAM CHA™ probe can be installed in an analyzer loop or in the main line, and because it’s easily mounted through a full-opening ball valve, you can insert or retract the probe without having to ever drain 
the pipe. 

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