3D Board


By: INFINITY HOME DECO  18-08-2010
Keywords: Home, Wall Decaration


INFINITY HOME DECO is the authorised distributor to supply and to install 3D board in Klang Valley, Kuala Lumpur.

3D BOARD is a natural green product, made from natural and renewable resources - Plant Fiber, which including bagasse (sugar cane pulp), reeds, bamboo, etc. as its raw materials. It is a non-toxic product, doesn't contain asbestos, formaldehyde or benzene. By extracting the natural plant fiber, 3D BOARD is formed through an environmentally friendly technology and production without formaldehyde emission.

3D BOARD is suitable to be used For Home decoration, commercial areas and public facilities. It can be applied on any non-rough surface including wall, wood, glass, ceiling, etc. User may create your own pattern variation by rotating and painting the boards in their favorite color. The modular application of 3D BOARD allows replacement of single board if it gets damaged.

Keywords: Home, Wall Decaration