Car security window film tint - RM299

By: Hyper Cool Tinted Shop  24-06-2010

- An originally worth RM1200 Hypercool 5mil Security Window Film Tinting on your entire car windows & screens is now available for only RM299.
- FREE professional installation
- Redemption is applicable for tinting the whole car
- 5 years warranty
- Additional charges for old tint removal RM70
- Additional surcharge for SUV vehicle RM80, MPV vehicle RM100

  • Tint Information:
    1. Windscreen (Front)
      Visible light trasmitter (VLT)
      : 70%
      Ultra Violet Rejection (UVR)
      : 99%
      Infra Red Rejection (IRR)
      : 55%
    2. Other window screens:
      Visible light trasmitter (VLT)
      : 45%
      Ultra Violet Reject (UVR)
      : 99%
      Infra Red Reject (IRR)
      : 75%

    Why Safety Film ?
    To increased security and dramatically decreasing the chance of personal injury or property damage.

    The combination of a multi-ply film and specialty adhesive, results in a laminated film with extraordinary break - resistance, impact absorption and the strength to retain shattered glass in its frame.