Revolutionary patch using acupucnture to improve the body

By:  05-12-2009
Keywords: acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, opportunity


  • Improve physical performance, sports
  • Relieve pain, incorforts and muscle genes
  • Against the oxidation of the body, with effects on the face (wrinkles and fine lines)
  • Contribute to better sleep better
  • To lose weight

    • 5 patches
    • A technology

- The patches

Energy      |  Relief Pain   | Anti-aging|     Sleep |    Weight loss

- The technology

The patches are unique because they occur in the presence of our magnetic field signal bio-electric frequency specific. This signal, which is information sent in the form of electromagnetic frequency specic active molecules involved in the biological reactions. 

This process is reminiscent of that used by Light, color or even in Homeopathy, where the desired result is obtained via the light that is an electromagnetic frequency. We know that if we expose to sunlight, our cells will produce vitamin D and melanin, a substance that gives us the color bronze. In the case of melanin, in particular, its output will be activated by the ultraviolet rays which are electromagnetic frequencies. 

Patches, like sunlight, activates the production of substances that exist in our body. In other words, patches act like antennas biological messages that initiate metabolic changes within the cells.

No product enters the body, it is not transdermal patch. No drug, no cream, no chemicals, only one information, be better addressed to the cell. Lifewave patches optimise biological processes that already exist within us.

Keywords: acupuncture, Acupuncturists, Acupunture, Chinese Medicine, New MLM, opportunity