Dzi Beads - Gemstone of Tibet

By: Dzi Kingdom  10-12-2006
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Over the last 20 years, increasing numbers of private stone collectors have rekindled the appreciation of Dzi gemstonein including doctors, lawyers, celebraties and etc. Tibetans and many around the world have known dzi as a living gemstone of lifetime divine blessing. The power (cosmic energy. natural magnetic field) of antique Dzis is the strongest. The older it is, the more easily you can feel its energy with your bare hands. The motif/design on the dzi is according to eon old explanation passed down by many generations. Dzi beads have very fascinating and esoteric associations.

It is believed to possess the power to bring wealth and good fortune, and it can protect the wearer from illness, injury and evil. This is strange but true as many, even in present, who are wearing dzi benefits from its magical powers. It can guard an individual against misfortune and bring unprecedented blessings. It is proven by testimonials from our clients that dzi have brought compassion, prosperity, health, luck, protection, healing of the heart and soul, happiness into their life. Dzi enjoys great popularity around the world and can be worn by people from all walks of life regardless age, gender, religion, status and it is a personal feng shui enhancement natural gemstone for :

·         Bring good luck - Wealth / Health / Happiness - Enhance personal luck with our feng shui expertise.

·         Family – Bliss and togetherness / Good Fortune & Prosperity

·         Protection / Eliminate bad luck and accidents

·         Meditation / New Age Practice / Spiritual / Relaxation

·         Merits / Benefactors

·         Love & Compassion

·         Healing for the heart, mind, body and soul

·         Balance of yin and yang, ‘chi’ movements and aura enhancement

·         Calming, overcoming sadness, mental direction

·         Stabilizes blood pressure, eliminate sickness and disease

DZI KINGDOM is an established (since 2004) Dzi Gemstone collection house with 10 years of experience, history and cultivated expertise showcasing invaluable Antique Dzis of the Himalayan. Dzi Kingdom is the winner for Asia Pacific Excellence Top Brand Award 2013, International Health & Beauty Award 2012 and International 'Honesty Enterprise' Keris Award 2013.

One can find an impressive display of rare and antique collection in our showroom or website with the help of our team gemologist. Rest assured that dzi purchased can only be found in Dzi Kingdom. Our Dzi are antique vintage dzis with superior quality Tibetan Jadeite the highest grade ever used for dzi. We also offer FREE calculation on your personal feng shui to match the best dzi for you. Available ONLINE , phone order and our at showrooms

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