Brokk 50

Brokk 50 from DITEQ TOOLS (M) SDN. BHD.

By: DITEQ TOOLS (M) SDN. BHD.  15-11-2008
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The smallest demolition robot in the Brokk family is Brokk 50. Originally introduced to strip down tiles in old bathrooms, Brokk 50 is able to pass through 60 cm wide doorways and is therefore the perfect machine wherever narrow openings have to be considered. It can be transported in a standard passenger elevator or even climb up and down ordinary stairways. Once in place, the working capacity of Brokk 50 is surprisingly high despite its small size. The most common tool used on the Brokk 50 is the SB52 hydraulic breaker, which has been especially developed for the machine. Other optional attachments include a concrete crusher, bucket, clamshell bucket and grapple. Brokk 50 can often replace hand-held tools and complete the task up to four times faster, or take the place of 4 - 6 workmen. The operator works from a safe position and is not exposed to unhealthy vibration. The low weight of Brokk 50 enables it to be used in most normal buildings, even on weak floor structures. Its small dimensions also allow it to operate in very confined spaces, such as bathrooms of only 3 sq m floor area. Although indoor demolition is the most common task for Brokk 50, many other industries have chosen to use this small and versatile model as well. Wherever the size paired with the remote control capability are determining features, it is a Brokk 50 job. Demolition in nuclear industries is one such specialised area where Brokk 50 enjoys an excellent reputation.

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