Hair Growth Treatment Mask - 5X50g

Hair Growth Treatment Mask - 5X50g from Best Formula Industries

By: Best Formula Industries   10-07-2010
Keywords: Hair Growth

Removes oil from pores | 消除毛孔油脂
Stressful lifestyle, tension and insomnia may cause the imbalance ofhormonal secretion, thus resulting in excessive hair grease secretion ceasing the hair growth process. TREATMENT MASK is able to penetrate the scalp, remove oil build-ups and withered stratum corneum, enabling the hair root and scalp to breath freely and absorb the nutrients in a normal way.

* Removes oil from pores.
* Removes excessive stratum corneum.
* Stimulate hair roots and encourage hair growth.
* Removes scalp dermatitis.
* Deeply cleanses the scalp.

日常的压力,生活紧张及失眠都会造成荷尔蒙分泌失调而导致头皮油脂分泌过量而使毛发无法生长.TREATMENT MASK能深入头皮清除累积的油脂,清除硬化干枯的角质层,使发根和头皮都能正常呼吸及吸取营养.

* 消除毛孔油脂.
* 清除多余角质层.
* 刺激发根生长.
* 清除头皮丁疮.
* 深入清洁头皮.

Keywords: Hair Growth

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