Japan Mita-C Whitening

Japan Mita-C Whitening from Asian Beauty Zone

By: Asian Beauty Zone  25-04-2011
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Mita-C Whitening (Pharmacopoeia of Japan )

Ascorbic Acid 500mg Injectable ampoules

10x2ml ascorbic acid in additive sodium hydrogensulfite & sodium bicarbonate

Medicine Shape:
Water-based injection

Being Colorless clear discernment

PH range:

Injection method:
I.M.(intramuscular) or I.V.(intravenous)

1) prevention and remedy of vitamin C deficiency.
2) reduce capillary bleeding such as nose/gum bleeding.
3) reduce light ray hypersensitive dermatitis, improve skin texture by whitening effect.
4) as in bone substrate formation.
5) stimulates the formation of collagen in skin tissues.
6) improves moisture and supple of skin.
7) also helps in common skin infections, where improves faster healing of wounds.
8) reduces minor acne/blemishes, has whitening effect on skin surface.

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