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Our Services We attribute our rapid growth to our belief in building strong relationships with our clients via rendering high-valued services. As a result of dedication to this directions, we have gained a reputation as business consultants of uncompromising integrity, reliability and efficiency. We offer our clients only the highest standards of professionalism, exceptional personalized services and commercial expertise. Our services are: Professional Halal Certification ConsultantIn HALCOMY INTERNATIONAL, we are able to prescribe guidelines for inspection manufacturers of halal food and consumer goods in Malaysia to clarify requirements to be complied to in order to obtain Department of Islamic Development (JAKIM) Halal Certification. Professional Halal AuditorIn HALCOMY INTERNATIONAL, we provide a group of Professional Halal Auditor recognized by HDC that would monitor the implementation of halal compliance systematically and regularly to ensure the validity of products and that consumer goods fully comply with Syariah. Halal Pre-Audit / Mock AuditIn HALCOMY INTERNATIONAL, our professional auditors will conduct HALAL pre-audit to ensure that all JAKIM requirements are met by our customers before the actual audit conducted. It will help to make the JAKIM’s HALAL Certificate application can be easily approved. Professional Halal Training and SeminarIn HALCOMY INTERNATIONAL, we also provide halal-oriented custom training modules, certification guidelines, and technical advisory services for anyone who seeks to better understand what halal is all about. Our modules are specially designed to cover not only Shariah aspects, but also the Halal market, Halal food & consumerism and Halal certification processes, plus the national and global Halal industry scenario. We Engaging local and international field experts as trainers and subject specialists brings significant experience relating to all Halal matters. Halal Event and Exhibition ManagementBeside As a Professional Halal Consultant, we are also engaged in the halal awareness program. We provide a platform to Halal product player in promoting their products in Halal Exhibition that organize or manage by us. All events that we specialized to include Seminar, Trade Exhibitions, Conferences, Business Forums and Road shows Our client base comprises various industries such as: Importer and Exporters of Food Products Manufacturer of Food Products Slaughtering Houses Restaurant, Food Court, Canteen, Cafeteria Hotel Kitchen Government Agencies. Bakery

Keywords: Halal



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