GMP Cosmetics Contract Manufacturing

GMP Cosmetics Contract Manufacturing from GRACIOUS ESTHETE SDN. BHD.

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As specialists in manufacturing for the personal care & skin care industry, we act as an extension of your company, no matter what your specific need.

To meet your manufacturing and packaging needs, we are anthorities registered, GMP-compliant facility contains all necessary equipment and personnel.

A wide range of products is within our , from liquids to solids to creams, including skin care, body care, cosmeceuticals and more.

Our fully equipped laboratory and testing facility also allow us to perform microbiological, stability, and other quality control testing.

Our flexible contract manufacturing can handle both short-run and high-volume capacity. We are proud to offer our services to those requiring short, medium, or long runs.

We provide , both to support expansion of product lines by existing customers and to assist startup businesses. We only support brand companies; we do not compete with our customers.

Our goal is to provide turnkey service where you want help.  Our processes are GMP-compliant, meaning our quality is second to none. 

Gracious Esthete Sdn Bhd. is a leading edge, biotech, cosmeceutical company dedicated to developing and producing the highest quality, natural botanical health and beauty products. Our goals are to address the concerns of the scientific and medical communities as well as the consumers regarding alternative natural botanical treatments by developing ethically challenged and proven products utilizing the latest research and technology and applying scientific standardization. We take pride in the fact that we present our research studies and products.

What we're seeing more and more is that natural, herbal, and plant ingredients, which have been around thousands of years, are finally merging with science and modern medical research. The power of natural phyto-, or plant-, derived products is replacing many pharmaceutical products for many people, as reflected in the amazing popularity of products such as Ginkgo Biloba and Saint John's Wart. Because of today's state-of-the-art research capabilities to develop breakthrough all-natural products, Cosmeceutical Technologies is able to harness the immense power of certain exotic herbs and plants to develop a natural way to enhance health & beauty. Gracious Esthete is dedicated to helping people realize the incredible power that nature has to enchace our health & beauty to its fullest potential. We have introduced this new kind of treatment into its own new class of cosmeceuticals, the blending of cosmetics with phyto technology. Most of the research we've done revolved around finding a way to merge the best of modern science with the ancient traditions of all-natural herbal treatments. Cosmeceutical Technologies brings the age-old treatment together with the sophistication of today's technological capabilities, and creates a ground-breaking alternative beauty and health products. We Gracious Esthete Sdn Bhd is proud to be on the frontier of making natural, risk-free health & beauty enhancement available to us.

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