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Dry Cleaning Clarity Wash is a full fledge dry cleaner with full dry cleaning capability to handle and manage your delicate clothing. No more smeared colourings or faded-colored clothes, our machines works around dirt and stains and restore garments where conventional ‘wet cleaning’ could not. Simply drop off your suits, shirts, trousers, ties, wedding gowns, sequins with us, and our fast and efficient staff will take care of it all. Advantages of Dry Cleaning As this process does not require the immersion of the clothes into water and features a gentler process, dry cleaning has several distinct advantages for cleaning clothes when compared to a washing machine. Soft Process—Comparatively, dry cleaning is considered a soft washing process, particularly when equated to the conventional method of laundering. The rotation of the drum in dry cleaning is much milder than the abrasive agitator in a washing machine, and the limited amount of water and solvent used helps protect the garments being cleansed. Clothing Preservation—In addition to its soft washing process, dry cleaning is also better for maintaining the new appearance of clothing. Dry cleaning rarely causes shrinking of delicate fabrics and maintains the color and texture of fabric better than the conventional method of washing. Deep Cleaning—Another one of the advantages associated with dry cleaning is the process’s ability to “deep clean” tough soils and stains. Dry cleaning has a distinctive ability to dissolve oil and grease in garments that is difficult to do with traditional washing. This cleaning process is known to restore garments to a “like-new” state with one processing. Finished Appearance—When removed from a washer and dryer, clothes often come out looking rumpled and wrinkled – in need of further ironing and treatment. However, with dry cleaning, clothes are crisp, fresh, and clean when finished. Colours Don't Fade in Dry Cleaners Many times, laundry shops and cleaners will tell you that using water will not fade colors however if you spend time on the internet to read about it, you will understand the only way to achieve preservation of color in clothes is only via dry cleaning process. Wedding Gown Cleaning Services After your wedding we clean and preserve your gown with meticulous attention to its design. Our unique cleaning and preservation process is a delicate and careful process so the gown will look bright and shiny just like new from factory. Our laundry attendants checks for stains and pre-clean it before dry cleaning process. Stuffed Dolls, Softy Toys and Teddy Bears We know dolls and teddy bears are personal affections and we are very careful with your stuffed dolls. Our company uses soft detergents so it would not spoil the texture of the dolls' fabric and retain the plushness of the wool within. Bed Sheet and Comforter Cleaning Our company offers bedsheets and comforters cleaning, and takes the hassle out of drying it at home. Just handover them to us and we will get them ready in no time for you to enjoy a good night sleep.

Keywords: Dobi, Dry Cleaning, Laundry Service, Laundry Services

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