Entrepreneurship Program #1

Entrepreneurship Program #1 from azlicare (azli care services)

By: azlicare (azli care services)  10-03-2009
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azlicare launched their first Entrepreneurship program, called Program #1. Delivered in 131 pages, 188 Actual Guided Event Photos in digital electronic book format - focusing on how ordinary computer consumers can save their money and precious data when their windows XP computer system went down...

The e-book called:
No B.S. Guide: Save your Money$ and your Precious Computer Data when your Windows XP Computer gone "SICK or DEAD" and start getting richer"
Consumers can now get today from http://www.azlicare.com/v1/entrepreneur-program/program-1

This 131 pages e-book with 188 Actual Guided Event Photo is the most comprehensive training guide that will allow normal ordinary computer users (without or with any technical computer knowledge) to restore their Windows XP system to its original state (just like when you first bought it) and to get back your precious data that resides in that sick or dead Windows XP computer.

What make it different from others?
According azlicare management team, the book has been written in the most easiest way to understand. It consists of 188 actual pictures taken during each steps of Windows recovery process, hardware drivers installation the crown jewel - how to get back your data. In addition, the explanation has been categorized into 4 main sections i.e.:

1. Computer: What is the computer expected us to do and what is the computer currently doing.
2. Ayong: What is ayong (the writer) doing? Responding to computer or instructing the computer
3. Action: Action to be taken.
4. Notes: Additional notes to explain about the process.

In summary, as long as you can read, you will not have any problems to understand and follow the steps, perform the Windows XP recovery and get back your precious data.

Despites of the priceless guide knowledge embedded in the book,it comes with a lower and affordable price tag. It is only USD12 (MYR40). A very small investment, considering the priceless skills and techniques resides in the book and the amount of money you are about to save and to make when your Windows XP computer starts giving problems to you!

If your Windows crashed, you will be charged around $70 to $150 to recover it backto the original WindowsXP installation stage.
On top of that, manufacturer wont be responsible for your data (Clear Cut Statement).
You might not see it again. And even if you manage to get people to save your data, you will charged even more.

In short - spending US$12 (MYR40) will help you to save at least $70 at the minimum.

And then it will be a recurring process. If you want to know why? ... please spend some of your precious time to check out or Program #1 at our portal.
This book also includes 2 techniques on how you use your newly acquired skills to generate new source of income for your dear life.

That's it folks, a new technique of saving your money and precious data. May there be more products like this emerge in the market to help an ordinary consumer/computer users to save their cash for other purposes.

HURRY UP ACT NOW! Get the copy of this amazing book at http://www.azlicare.com/v1/entrepreneur-program/program-1

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