DDS Diskless Solution For Education

DDS Diskless Solution For Education from Michaelsoft DDS Sdn Bhd

By: Michaelsoft DDS Sdn Bhd  09-09-2014
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Advantages of DDS:- Running under School, College, Universities or Training Labs Diskless Solution All the computers will be running without hard disks as they are fetching data from the server instead of the local hard disks. The computers will still be able to run smooth because of our optimized network coding of DDS and in fact, the PCs will run faster because they are virtually benefited by RAID0 performance from DDS. Other than that, technicians would not have any headaches on hard disk warranty or hard disk replacements since the computers connected to DDS does not need any! Recovery from virus and immunity By using DDS, computers in labs or libraries which are infected by viruses, mostly due to thumbdrives and malicious e-mails, these viruses can be removed and have the PCs recover to its previous state with just a simple restart on that particular computer. This also applies to accidental software deletion by students or system errors made by students. Application updates We all know that applications sometimes require to be updated; one of the most important updates for example would be the Windows operating system. Those Windows updates are very crucial as it fix security issues and bugs which allow viruses to attack your Windows operating system. And there are also other application updates which fix bugs and stability issues. With DDS, by updating just one computer, the other computers connected to DDS will receive the updates upon restart. In short, it is very efficient instead of doing repetitive jobs which the traditional way does it. Software applications compatibility DDS is a very friendly system and it will go along well with any software you can think of. Here's a quick list of software that is usually needed for education purposes, Microsoft Office, AutoCAD, Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator, 3D applications and more. The best thing is, DDS can support Linux operating systems which are needed for some computer labs. Drivers compatibility This will be no problem for DDS too as it can support different specifications computers attached to the network. The computer labs may use Dell PCs while the libraries are using HP PCs and still DDS system would still be able to run without any problems. Zero Down Time Since DDS runs on more than one server (depending on how large the network environment is), there will be zero down time since DDS with HA feature enables the ability to take over all the PCs even one of the server are down due to technical difficulties.

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