By: PEACE STUDIO  10-09-2009
Keywords: Yoga

YOGA Yoga is a science that is approximately 2500 years old. The bases of this science are the “ Pantajali Yoga Sutra’s”
Yoga can be studied at 2 levels: Preliminary level: yoga in modern society Advanced level: yoga on a spiritual level Yoga is the highway to happiness and prosperity:
While doing asanas (yoga postures) be happy, enjoy the pose Happiness is part of practicing yoga Yoga is the tool for personality development Yoga is a journey of evolution: Yoga practices can be used to correct the disorders in the body, to purify the mind and to train the intellect Yoga is a science of Personality development that helps in physical condition, mental control, emotional balance and intellectual developmet There is more to yoga than just Asanas (postures):

Yoga Asana does not mean exercise "Sthir Sukham Asanam"Asana is a steady and comfortable posture(Pantajali Yoga Sutra 2.47)

Keywords: Yoga