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By: Pasar Mini Muara  06-01-2010
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Islamic insurance (Takaful) is a universal product, one of the Islamic Muamalah. It is suitable to be practiced by every people regardless Muslims or non-Muslims.  Its products offer superior benefits in term of saving and protection, and absolutely no interest charged for withdrawal of saving and the profit gain from the operation will be shared at the ratio 80:20 which 80% belong to the policy holder and 20% for the Takaful operator. 

We at eTiQa Takaful Offers You 3 Superior Products just for Your Convenience as Below... 



Are planning for your future? By helping you save as well as providing you with the coverage you need, you now have one less thing to worry about it, so you can enjoy life even more.

eTiQa Takaful Mesra Plan is a very flexible plan which associate protection with savings element. Starting from the fourth year of protection the ratio of contribution operation is more towards your saving which is 75%.

The MESRA benefit is paid out if death or total permanent disability occurs and for the total permanent disability, the benefit will be paid out in instalments for 5 years with a sum of 10% per year and the final instalment at the rate of 60%.

The annual contribution sum that will be paid will determine the coverage amount that will be attained by multiplying with the multiplier schedule based on the age and duration of the coverage. The contribution ratio for savings gets bigger when the contract duration gets longer.



eTiQa Takaful Prima is a very special plan with scheduled returns and absolute freedom in the current financial planning, education, umrah and ziarah, travelling, investment etc.   

The total coverage lump sum will be paid out within the effective contract period should death happen.

If total permanent disability happens, the coverage sum will be paid in 3 payments: 20% of the coverage amount and the Accumulated Participant Account and profit from the Participant Account when the disability is confirmed; 40% at the end of the first and second year from the date of disability.

Survival Benefits – Every 3 years beginning from the end of the third year of contract: 10% of the coverage amount based on an investment return of 4% per year.

Scheduled survival benefit balance including Participant Account as well as the Participant Account’s profit and Excess Participant Special Account.

The surrender value of the accumulated Participant Account from the second year of surrender.

For whatever reason, if you are not able to continue with the contribution, you may choose one of the options in the ‘provision of non-forfeiture’ to continue with the participation.


Age limit: 6 months to 54 years (on the following birth date)



Each year, 3% increase of cost to pursue your children study to a higher level may really burden you. So many parents have been suffering shortage of money to pursue their children study to IPTA or IPTS.

As we at Etiqa Takaful, try to help you maximize your life, we also ensure that your child will receive the education he deserves, we also ensure that your child is covered should anything unexpected happen to him.

The Etiqa Takaful Sarjana Plan combines savings and coverage and is an effort to provide a special fund for your child’s future education.

Should death or total permanent disability happen to the payer all the basic contributions including the Rider on the child except additional savings will be settled until the maturity date or when the child dies or experiences permanent total disability, whichever comes first.

  • Should the child die, this contract will pay the Coverage Benefit together with the Participant Account and the accumulated profit.
  • Should the child experience disability, this contract will pay a disability benefit as stated in the schedule.


Educational Fund Disbursement – Withdrawal of money from the Participant Account (AP) is allowed 3 years before the maturity date.


Once this contract matures, the participant will receive the whole accumulated amount in the AP including the profit from the AP and the excess from the Participant Special Account.

Keywords: Etiqa, General Insurance, Insurance