Oil Free Air Compresors

Oil Free Air Compresors from VJIKKS ENGG POWER (M) SDN BHD

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 Oil Free Compressors

Normally in an oil-free compressor, the air is compressed entirely through the action of the screws, without the assistance of an oil seal and that too on multi stage. But, our oil –free compressors are piston type and that too Single stage.

Oil-free compressors are used in applications where entrained oil carry-over is not acceptable, such as

Medical research,

Semiconductor manufacturing,

Oxygen generators,

N2 generators,

Telecom cable pressurisation & short wave guide systems,

Small pneumatic actuator systems,

Inflatable door seals,

Dental and medical air tools

Jewellery makers.

Our Oil-free air compressors can be mounted in any orientation as long as anti-vibration mounts are used to stop vibration, this reduces bearing wear on the motor bearings

Compact Piston

Piston and piston rod form a single rigid unit. By using this type of construction there develops beside the lifting action a tilting motion. To compensate for this the compact piston is fitted with a special seal element.

High-Quality Valves

Lamellar valves made of high-grade spring steel ensure a constant performance.

Robust Bearings

Manufactured to the highest tolerances and sealed for life, completely maintenance free ball bearings with double RS seal.

Cooling System

Two fans built into the motor and crankcase produce a high level of cooling air, maintaining a low running temperature creating the condition for 100% continuous operation at 7-bar pressure. Even with an ambient temperature up to 40 °C.

Salient Features of our compressors:

Economical, small and compact design

High reliability

Pleasantly Low noise levels

Plug and play straight from the box

High reliability

Extremely long service life

Low noise levels

100% continuous operation for thousands of non stop operating hours

Available for maximum Nominal Pressure of 7 bar and Safety pressure of 10bar

Extensive range of accessories

We can offer:

We can supply oil free compressors of highest standards for any applications. We have readily made compressors of various capacity and we can also Engineer and supply according to the customer’s requirement.

Compressors for various different voltage levels, frequencies and also DC voltage.

Different protection classes on request.

Sound-pressure level measured according to ISO 2151 and ISO 3744.

Free air Flow at 0 bar 25 ,30 ,38 ,40,65,75,130,150 and 73LPM

Motor power rating 570,640,660,650,560,1040,1060,900,1170,1100,990,310,290,192, 240,270,220,122 and 156W

Motor current rating 1.5,1.17-0.68,17.5, 2.1,1.2,0.55,6.4,13,2.5,2.8,5.8,1.3,1.1,4.6,2.0,4.3,10.2,1.9,2.2A

Motor voltage rating 110/115V,230V,400V AC; 24V,12V DC

Protection class IP20, IP54

Noise level 55,57,59,60,67,64,70 and 61dB(A)

Pressure receiver volume 3 litres and 10 litres

Weight 11kg and 17kg

Dimensions 330x330x320mm,545x180x400mm,230x151x158mm,233x129x158mm,209x108x156mm, 252x165x180mm,242x121x175mm,280x167x218,305x190x218mm,308x190x218mm, 260x167x218mm,367x167x218mm,318x167x218mm,340x276x190mm,297x276x190mm,323x276x190mm

Keywords: Oil Free Compressors



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