High Energy Arc Igniters

High Energy Arc Igniters from VJIKKS ENGG POWER (M) SDN BHD

Keywords: Procedures for Trouble shooting various Power Plant Equipment and System problems

High Energy Arc (HEA) Igniters
The function of a burner is to ignite and burn the fuel by efficiently and completely mixing it with combustion air in the furnace. Prior to the invention of High Energy Arc Igniter, a pilot burner smaller than the main burner usually ignited by electric spark for a proven ignition energy source required to light off the main oil burner.
High Energy Arc Igniters are now being applied to all new modern burners. These Igniters eliminate the use of pilot gas ignitor by directly igniting the oil with low voltage, high amperage spark. A typical High Energy Arc Igniter system consists of spark rod assembly, spark tip, cable assembly, exciter box, retractor assembly etc.,
High energy can be provided with less weight, lighter wire and greater portability by using a high voltage capacitor-discharge system. A large-value capacitor stores energy during the arming sequence, releasing it in a fraction of a second when it is switched on. To use the energy efficiently, the igniter must be designed for high voltage.
We have developed various igniters for all types of burners. Depending upon the customer requirement, we can supply a suitable High Energy Arc Igniter. Our HEA Igniters are very efficient, light weight, compact design and needs less space.
Input voltage: 110VAC/220VAC
Output Voltage: > 2000 VDC
Stored energy: 12 joules
Spark rate: 4 spark/sec
Duty cycle: 15 sec ON/30sec off
Dimensions (Approximate): Width-150 mm Height-250 mm Depth- 250 mm.
Flexible Cable:
Length: 625 mm max
Operating Voltage: 3000 VDC max
Bend Radius: 100 mm min
Construction: PVC coated conduit
Spark Rod: Length: 3500 mm
Construction: SS tube/ SS flexible hose
Retractor Assembly:
Pneumatic power cylinder: 200 mm stroke
Operating pressure: 70 to 100 psi
Solenoid valve: two position four way solenoid valve
Solenoid operating voltage: 110 VAC /220 VAC
Mechanical Limit switch: 1 form C for close and open positions
Our HEA Igniters are First World Products at Third World Price

Keywords: Procedures for Trouble shooting various Power Plant Equipment and System problems



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