Ceramic mill liners for ceramic tile industry

Ceramic mill liners for ceramic tile industry from VJIKKS ENGG POWER (M) SDN BHD

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Ceramic mill liners for Ceramic tile industry

Industries like Ceramic tile Industry where bulk material movement involving sliding, very often causes heavy wear of the equipment used, resulting in damage to the equipment, lower reliability, production losses and lower capacity utilisation.

As a Malaysian company representing Carborundum Universal Limited, India, one of the leaders in Industrial Ceramics, we offer ceramic wear protection solutions for ceramics tile industries.

We supply grinding media and ball mill liners to the ceramics tile industries.

CUMITUFF Grinding Media

The most important requirement for wear resistant ceramic materials are:

  • High hardness
  • Good resistance to deformation
  • Sufficient toughness i.e. resistance against crack formation and its propagation.

Of all other alumina materials, CUMITUFF fulfils the above requirements excellently

High hardness ensures prolonged resistance to chipping and cracking. Long term benefits are attractive with CUMITUFF media as it is a cost effective alternative to conventional media. Media replacement and make-up charge levels drop significantly with the use of CUMITUFF


CUMITUFF Mini - Media

CUMI offers grinding media of size less than 6 mm made by a unique pelletisation process for ultra fine grinding requirements such as in the paint industry. Typical sand mill users can benefit from the use of CUMITUFF Mini-Media by virtue of its non-contaminating characteristics.

CUMITUFF Mill Liners

Using CUMITUFF Mill Liners operating times can be achieved higher than conventional mill linings by 30% depending upon properties of material being ground.

Combination of CUMITUFF grinding media and mill liners will effectively solve your grinding problems.

Our expertise is in manufacturing and supplying pre- engineered wear resistant tiles and ready to fit pre-fabricated lined equipment. We use 3D modelling to ensure a good fit for the contours.

We manufacture weldable and pastable alumina ceramic tiles that can be bonded onto the surface.

In a nutshell our products and solutions are First World Products and Solutions at Third World Price.

Keywords: industrial ceramics



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