Centrifugal Filters and Separators

Keywords: Electrochlorination Plant Operation and Maintenance, Pulp And Paper Industry, Complete Solutions for Your Filtration Needs

Complete Solutions for Your Filtration Needs
Our Centrifugal Separators and Filtration systems can be used in a wide variety of applications, helping to separate settleable solids from liquid or to remove floating organics with our media filters and filter screens.
LAKOS Centrifugal Separators are patented systems designed to separate solids and particles from liquid. 
No moving parts to wear out or replace.
Minimal liquid loss.
No backwashing or other routine maintenance or downtime requirements.
Low and steady pressure loss.
Easily automated.
A few of the solved problems:
Problem 1: Heat Exchanger Fouling-Plate and Frame Plate and frame heat exchangers can become clogged and foul from a number of sources. This can lead to both decreased efficiency and performance and costly manual cleaning routines. Solution: This can be avoided using proper filtration, as the Cinicinnati Convention Center discovered when they installed LAKOS Separators and eliminated twice-yearly cleaning costs of $15,000 each time. Not to mention the energy savings they gained year-round by keeping the heat exchangers running at highest efficiency with no downtime.
Problem 2: Heat Exchanger Fouling-Shell and Tube Shell and tube heat exchangers can clog and foul with debris and sediment. This will lead to increased energy costs due to a drop in efficiency AND require costly cleaning and maintenance. Solution: A major East Coast (USA) power plant had this problem, and was forced to shut down and clean their exchangers every 6-8 weeks. But after installing a LAKOS Filtration System, these shut downs were eliminated, resulting in chemical savings alone of $150,000 per year (reduction in chemical water treatment costs.)

Keywords: Complete Solutions for Your Filtration Needs, Electrochlorination Plant Operation and Maintenance, Electrochlorinators, Procedures for Trouble shooting various Power Plant Equipment and System problems, Pulp And Paper Industry,



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