Bamboo Carbon Cloth Diapers

By:  05-12-2010
Keywords: cloth diaper

Bamboo Carbon Cloth Diapers are made of organic bamboo material which is very soft and comfortable for baby's skin. Bamboo is miraculous and eco-friendly - a renewable resource with a very short growth cycle, it is grown without fertilizers or pesticides.

A great environmental choice for diapers, and its fabric is also super absorbent. Tests have shown that rayon from bamboo absorbs moisture 70% more quickly than cotton (on contact), and dries 20% faster.

In short, Bamboo Carbon Cloth Diaper absorbs quickly and effectively, is comfortable for baby and ideal for sensitive skin babies!

~ Waterproof PUL outside: 70% Bamboo fiber and 30% Cotton. It's convenient for moms to carry baby taking a walk or doing chores.
~ Inner: 100% Bamboo Carbon fiber micro-polarfleece inner with great breathability. Preventing skin suffers diaper rash, very soft and comfortable for baby's skin.
~ Diaper Insert: Super-absorbent Bamboo Insert in 5 layers, with 2 layers of outer Bamboo fiber and 3 layers of inner Microfiber fiber. Given of 2 bamboo inserts with total of 10 layers, proved to provide dry and comfortable feeling to your baby for long period or overnight.
~ Bright color could bring happy and harmonious feeling to baby: Science proves that bright color is good to baby on environmental cognition.
~ One size design: All in one size. Our product could fit weight from 3kg to 17kg.

Remark: 1 One Size Cloth Diaper comes with FREE 2 Bamboo Cotton Inserts.


Keywords: cloth diaper