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By: XanGo - Roslan Group Malaysia  03-04-2009
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XANGO is the original category creator for Mangosteen juice and is made from the whole Mangosteen fruit.

Numerous scientific studies show that Mangosteen (XANGO) is incredibly rich in Xanthones, the purest form of anti-oxidants known to man.

XANGO is known to provide potential health benefits for many ailments, such as Arthritis, Fatigue, Mild Depression, Anxiety, Sleep Disorder,

Eczema, Cholesterol, Muscle/Joint Pains, Diabetes, Asthma, Cancer, Migranes and a host of other ailments.

Unlike some health supplements derived from botanical extract, XANGO juice has a very pleasant 'Ribena-like' taste and is safe for consumption for anyone - even senior citizens, children, lactating or pregnant women.

It is currently selling in more than 22 countries worldwide, with more than 30 million bottles already sold and is highly recommended for the overall body health and wellness.

Health is Wealth and Prevention is Cheaper and Better than Cure.

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