MEIKO Beaute Collagen 6000mg/ day (300gram for 30 days)

MEIKO Beaute Collagen 6000mg/ day (300gram for 30 days) from We O We Lady

By: We O We Lady  27-01-2010
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MEIKO Collagen cotain 6000mg collagen in 10 gram (1 can = 300gram--- for 30 days) --RM198

Collagen is a natural dietery supplement that provides nutritional support for connective tissue health, specifically particular joints, and the skin. Collagen also supports skin health; skin appearance and elasticity by helping the skin retain moisture. Collagen is completely water soluble and specially processed to ensure maximum absorption by the body.
Potassium Glucosimine
studies show that Glucosamine is a safe and highly effective to slow and even can stop the effects of    arthritis. The main function of Glucosamine is to stimulate the production of cartilage and synovial fluid. If sufficient levels of Glucosamine are not in the body, the cartilage loses its ability to regenerate itself and this has been suggested as one of the factors leading to the development of arthritis.
Sodium Chondrotine Sulfate
Chondrotin are made up of amino sugars, sugar acids and galactosamine (Which is a precursor to glucosamine). It draws fluid into the tissue and helps to maintain the health of joints and lubrication. It also attracts essential nutrients for the manufacturing of cartilage and able the cartilage better able to absorb shock.
Hawthorn is thought to exert many beneficial effects on the heart and blood vessels. These include improved coronary artery blood flow and strengthening of the contractions of the heart muscle. Hawthorn may also improve circulation to the extremities by lowering the resistance to blood flow in peripheral blood vessels. The bioflavonoids in hawthorn are potent antioxidants.
L-Glutathione is a small molecule made up of three amino acids, which exists in almost every cell of the body. The most universal cause of Glutathione deficiency is aging. As we get older we either produce less or else it gets used faster as it defends us against the processes of aging and disease. L-Glutathione can lighten the skin externally by minimizing the melanin formation in our body. It makes skin even by gradually lightening and removing discolorations and also makes the skin smoother because it is an antioxidant.
Ingredient List:
Maltodextrin, collagen, sugar caster, psyllium husk, citric, potassium glucosimine, sodium chondrotine sulfate, ascorbic acid, beet juice powder, hawthorn, beta-carotene, L-glutathione and peach extract.
Nutritional Facts:
Serving Size: 1 Scoop (10gm)

Direction of use:
add 1 scoop of Meiko Beaute Collagen (10gm) to a 120ml of cool water. Mix well and drink immediately. Take 2 times a day. Drink a lot of water.

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