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By: Sealxpert Products  11-08-2015
Keywords: corrosion resistant coating, Metal Putty, Wear Resistant Coating,

SealXpert PS102 Metal Repair Putty - Metal-filled two-component epoxy putty - Cures at room temperature - Excellent resistance to oil, gasoline, water and chemicals - Ideal for patching and repairing areas where welding or brazing is undesirable SealXpert PS103 Aluminum Repair Putty - Aluminium -filled two-component epoxy putty - Repairs to non-rusting aluminium castings, machinery and equipment - Excellent resistance to chlofluorocarbons - Bonds to aluminium and other metals SealXpert PS104 Bronze Repair Putty - Bronze -filled two-component epoxy putty. - Repairs to bronze and brass bushings, shafts, castings and parts - Repairs and rebuilds area where brazing is undesirable or impossible - Bonds securely to bronze alloys, brass, copper and ferrous metals SealXpert PS105 Stainless Steel Repair Putty - Stainless steel-filled two-component epoxy putty - Patch, repair and rebuild stainless steel parts and equipment - Non-rusting SealXpert PS106 Underwater Repair Putty - Ceramic-based two-component epoxy putty. - Suitable for moist and wet conditions - Excellent resistance to oil and chemicals SealXpert PS107 5 Min (SF) Repair Putty - Fast-curing - Suitable for quick and emergency repairs - Cures in less than one hour SealXpert PS108 Hi-Temp Repair Putty - Withstands high temperature up to 230 °C (446 °F) (continuous) - Nickel alloy-filled two-component epoxy putty - Suitable for engine parts repairs SealXpert PS109 Supermetal Epoxy Putty - Alloy and ceramic filled two-component epoxy putty - Excellent hardness - Cold welding repairing material - Versatile durable repair composite SealXpert PS110 Titanium Repair Putty - Titanium filled two-component epoxy putty - High performance - Excellent chemical resistance - Withstands heavy loads in harsh chemical environments

Keywords: corrosion resistant coating, Metal Putty, Wear Resistant Coating,

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