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Merbau @ Intsia bijuga  are tree species  flowering   in the  family 
 , native to the   . Between the   and  east through   and   ,  P  . It grows about 50 meters (160 feet) high  supported by sticks very strong. It inhabits  the forests .

Ipil bark and leaves are used in traditional medicines. Wood tree, called merbau or kwila, is extremely durable and resistant to , these benefits make it a high-value material for flooring and other uses. Wood can also be used to extract the dye. Merbau can contain patches "gold" that runs through the grains, which are considered attractive by some. Due to extensive logging carried out, it is dangerous because almost extinct in many parts of Southeast Asia.
 Extensive amount has been purchased for the venue in China, they are the largest importer of wood.
Merbau wood is used for flooring in the U.S. and Europe, where it is usually sold under different names.

黄 菠萝:
名称: 梅宝merbau / kwila

Merbau or kwila -
is a very durable and termite resist taint wood, making it a highly Valued material for flooring and other Uses. Merbau cans contain a 'gold' principally That Runs through the grain, considered to be attractive by missing .

The Merbau is a large tree with an average height of 50 'feet tall. The trunk Merbau more cans That Grow Up to 5 'feet wide, and grows with strong buttresses Spreading wide. The Merbau Tree is a tree native to the Easter South Asia Region and cans be found in a lot of the Countries in Those areas, as well as intoo.

The Merbau Hardwood color is pretty dark brown with Reddish tones. While the sapwood of the tree consists somehow Merbau whitish colors, the Merbau heartwood of the tree is a lot darker with brown and red-brown colors.

The Merbau is a very strong, hardwood. On the Jangle Hardness Test, the Merbau gets the score of 1925 is 49% percent Selatan Harder  That the northern red oak hardwood. The Merbau also rates Dimensiondl has an excellent stability to moisture with a score of 4.6-47% more stable than the red oak wood.

Keywords: Furniture Shops

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Merbau @ Intsia bijuga

Merbau @ Intsia bijuga

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