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House Of Healin - DERMA 'X' from House Of Healin

By: House Of Healin  05-10-2010
Keywords: Skin Care, Skin Care Products

Skin disease has been recognized as one of the most difficult disease to be treated. Dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis are the typical examples of skin disease that can be resistant to treatment and may exist for life with the sufferers.

Chlorophyll-C posses strong afinity to bind ferum ion in the blood, hence deemed as an ideal carrier for rejuvenating agent into the celss and tissues of the skin.

Derma-X is all natural formula that has been researched and developed by combining Choloropyll-C and Gamodulin™ , a rejuvenating polypetide that work synergistically. It penetrates well into the skin cell to exert and strengthen their healing and rejuvenating effects on the skin. These ingredients have proven efficacy on most skin disease.

It also works as natural immunomodulator in the skin to promote healing and therefore to treat a wide variety of skin disorders which include dry skin, skin allergy, inflamation and psoriasis.

Experiments conducted show that it can permanently cure 98% of those cases of dermatitis and psoriasis provided that it is applied until all the symptoms have completely dissapears.

Keywords: Skin Care, Skin Care Products