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• Fully Reclining; Avoids disturbances to abdominal breathing & effectively prevents oxygen de-saturation. Flat -on bed will not obstruct babies’ typical abdominal breathing pattern or press on their respiratory tracks
• Super marshmallow G Cushion; Babies’ neck muscles and ligaments are not yet fully developed. Their spines are straight and motor nerves and muscles are also undeveloped. Sleep protection keeps babies who have soft neck and hips in a stable posture to protect comfortable sleep and biological rhythms. Marshmallow G Cushioning is a shock absorbing structure that protects the brain (cervical vertebrae) and neck of delicate babies who are sensitive to vibration
• High back headrest; Effectively alleviates the rebound impact on the head in the event of a collision. In the instant of collision or sudden brake, human body will abruptly thrust toward a slanting upper direction, and when body bounces back and hits the backrest to the seat, the height of the head is usually higher than the original height when the passenger is sitting. Lifted Rear Head Protection Pad has the structure to protect the head, neck and the whole body after bouncing back to the seat from thrusting forward and up in a collision to prevent neck twists and head impacts
• Head guard Mechanism; Avoids burden on the neck. When the seat back is reclined to 170 degree, the head guard tilts up automatically. When moved to sitting position or the 150-degree reclining position, the head guard becomes level with the back. No matter what the angle, no unreasonable pressure is ever applied to baby’s vulnerable neck
• Standard brain & cervical vertebra protector pad; Cuts down the head and neck impact to the minimum. Use Brain/Neck bone Protection Pad as baby grows. Provides the best anti-shock effect for babies in sleep, and to keep their heads and necks in a straight position
• Solid groin belt / 3-D waist belt protector pad. 3-D Thigh Belt is made from similar self-standing materials to avoid pressing on babies’ abdomens directly and affecting their abdominal breathing. 3-D Waist Protection Pad tenderly protects babies’ abdomens
• Reclinable up to 170 degree in 3 positions; As baby grows, change the backrest’s angle to after the “bed” into a “seat”. Matching baby’s growth, adjust the backrest to change the “bed” into a “seat”. No matter in what age, there is always the most appropriate riding position available.
• Airway Stress-Preventive Head Cushion; Avoids stress on newborn babies’ airways by keeping head and neck in a straight position, avoiding curves which presses on their aiways• Hourglass shape seat; To protect abdomen. Aprica’s patented hourglass shape seat is narrow at the back and hip area for support, but wide at the top to allow full freedom for developing bones and muscles. Because your baby is free to move its arms and legs, chance of dislocation of the hip joints is dramatically reduced.
• Heat-blocking sideboard device; insulates the heat source. The sunlight coming through the window is one of the reasons to cause the temperature on the car seat to increase. To solve the problem of direct sunlight, the sideboard applies special heat reflective materials to refract the sunlight outwardly, plus body temperature adjustment ventilation structure installed on the side. Such dual effects may decrease the increasing temperature on the car seat
• 2 Way body temperature adjustment; Babies have a hotter body temperature than that of adults and their thermoregulation functions are underdeveloped. 2 Way body temperature adjustment allows ventilation to be regulated especially in seats where heat can build up easily, and that keeps baby comfortable• Front pressure pump ventilation structure; Keep legs and hips comfortable at anytime. The sitting part with fillister and 3-D soft ventilation pad design achieves the ventilation effect of the front pressure pump ventilation structure that keeps legs and hips comfortable as it spreads the heat.
• Wide seat; Broad backrest and riding space design. Broad outward radiation type backrest and riding space design, 4cm broader than traditional models, allowing for more comfort after growth of your child.Ventilation seat; Uneasy to gather heat. Keep the hip under the best circulation. Aprica’s Cushioned Ventilation Sitting Pad applies ventilated polyurethane sponge so whatever part the babies’ bodies touches, the heat dose not easily gather at the back and hip so that babies can remain comfortable
.• Dual anti-UV Sunshade; Protect skin and sleeping pattern. Applying the excellent combination of special glass reflective materials and anti-UV mesh materials effectively adjusts the strength of sunlight penetrating through the car windows.
• Comfortable Footrest; No burden for the feet. More comfortable riding. For 2-years old babies and up to use in front-facing sitting position, the comfortable Footrest keeps babies in accurate sitting position and helps soothing feet’s fatigue in a long journey
.• 3-D ventilation mesh materials; Excellent ventilation, no humidity even in summer temperatures.Angle-Filling Pad; helps to ensure a much better and sturdier installation.
• Installation instructions VCD; Accurate installation. Safe on the road
• “Baby in car” sticker; Remind other road users to be watchful
• Weight-Dispersing seat; Realize the most comfortable riding space
• Size : (Infant bed) W 79.5cm x D 59.5cm x H 84cm ; (Infant seat) W45.5cm x D63.5cm x H114.5cmWeight 14.7 kg

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