EIK Amphibious excavator/marsh buggy

EIK Amphibious excavator/marsh buggy from Eik Engineering

By: Eik Engineering  27-08-2010
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EIK Amphibious excavator/marsh buggy is able to work in areas where the water depth is less than 1.6 meters. Its combination of long reach front provide innovative and coast effective solutions especially nature preservation project, maintenance of waterways dredging and specialist civil engineering works prevention from flood damage to operations in poor ground conditions.

EIK Amphi Master applications :

* Maintaining and cleaning of waterways,lakes,shore line,ponds...

* Erosion control and prevention

* Deepening of waterway and river delta

* Technical water construction works

* Maintaining and repairing natural environment

* Flood protection and flood maintenance works

* landscape building and protection

* Accessing difficult strands from water/soft terrain

* Swamps and wetlands construction

* Road building through wetlands

Feature :

Pontoon : corrosion resistance steel plate, 3 water tight compartments

Drive motor : 2 active drive motors propelling each pontoon.

Track chain  : 3 strands of heavy duty track chain

sprocket      : hardened steel

Attachment  : long reach attachment / counter weight

Optional items : spuds or floating tanks

Transportation & installation :

*EIK Amphi Master is designed with 3 separate section for easier practical 

 transporting & shipping.

* Reduce overall costs and time to dismantling and assembly rapidly

  without using any specialized tool and equipment. Just a simple crane and

  a few personnel will get job done in double quick time.

* AM series as small as AM80 and AM145 has been specially designed to

   keep cost down by hydraulically adjusted without dismantling

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