AR 900 RUST PREVENTIVE from Aerochem Industries Sendirian Berhad

By: Aerochem Industries Sendirian Berhad  25-07-2009
Keywords: Mould Saver Anti Rust

 AR 900 Specialty Rust Preventive for LONG TERM STORAGE of  Metal Moulds & Equipments  ( clear  protective film ) AR 900 is an environmentally friendly rust preventive with amazing staying power,  outlasting many other products. Due to its inherent properties, it is very suitable for LONG TERM STORAGE of  metal moulds, metal parts & equipments.  AR 900 protects against corrosion. It is  great for indoor and outdoor use – Agricultural industrial, marine, mechanical, electrical and household. AR 900 provides dual function -  rust prevention and lubricating at the same time; it stops squeaks found in  rubbing metals / surfaces. Features & Benefits * Non-toxic and non-carcinogenic.  * Penetrates rust to protect metal surfaces and lift rusty substances.  * Excellent inhibition for oxidation and galvanic corrosion .  * Forms a  protective barrier on treated surfaces, preventing corrosive agents     from penetrating the surface.  * Very good staying power - non-evaporative, non-leaching and resists  water     wash-out from treated surface (after the carrier has evaporated)  * High resistance to acids; moderate alkali resistance -  ideal to use in industrial     environments,  * Safe to apply  on rubber and other synthetic materials,  and will not cause     hardening   of substrates. * Prevent moisture and oxygen from contacting metal surfaces thus preventing     corrosion.  * Prevent galvanic corrosion  caused by dissimilar metals.  * Clear coluor film - will not stain treated surfaces / substrate.

Keywords: Mould Saver Anti Rust

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