Midea (Portable) Air conditioner FREE Install, uses Toshiba compressor, FREE Install

Midea (Portable) Air conditioner FREE Install, uses Toshiba compressor, FREE Install from Syarikat Seong Lee

By: Syarikat Seong Lee  13-03-2010
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Midea has been a world leader in Air Conditioners since its establishment in 1985 producing over 16 million units in 2007. (Expected sales of over 17 million units in 2008)

Midea’s vertically integrated supply chain enables it to achieve maximum efficiency in production and product development, giving Midea a competitive edge over other brands.

Midea employs Japanese research methods and scientists to achieve the highest standard of quality control. Having spent 6 years in implementing 6 Sigma Quality Assurance System, limiting defect ratio to no more than 3.4 for every million units produced.

With over 1000 engineers working round the clock and over 300 new products being developed and over 100 patents filed, Midea is dedicated to continuously improve product quality and excel customer satisfaction.
Item(s): Midea Air Conditioner FREE INSTALL

The Joint Venture with Toshiba:

...Midea and Toshiba has been cooperating with each other for a long time. As early as in 1993, the two parties had started cooperation in terms of air-conditioning technologies and launched a number of popular products of Toshiba style....

Package includes: Air conditioner + FREE Standard back to back Installation


1HP MSG-09CR - RM 899
1.5HP MSG-12CR - RM 1199
2HP MSC-18CR - RM 1,899 (Plasma)
2.5HP MSC-24CR - RM 2,099 (Plasma)
[Other brands are available, Please contact the seller]

Warranty:5 years warranty (first 2 years FULL warranty, other brands offer 1 year full warranty only)

Dealing method: SMS your name and address to confirm your order

Location: Selangor, Nilai, Putrajaya

Contact method/details: +6 0 1 6 - 2 1 5 8 6 9 9

Item(s) conditions: Brand New

Active Carbon and Dust Filter

All Midea split system air conditioners feature a Carbon and Dust Filter made of Active Carbon and Electrostatic Fibre which eliminates certain kinds of odours such as ammonia (NH3) and deactivates harmful chemical gas such as formaldehyde (HCHO). By forming positive positions on the filter surface, the Electrostatic Fibre Filter traps small dust particles, smoke and pet fur to prevent allergic reactions.

Bio Filter

A specialized biological enzyme and Eco filter. The Eco filter catches very small airborne dust particles and neutralises bacteria, fungi and microbes. Biological enzyme eliminates bacteria by dissolving their cell wall thus eliminating the problem of re-pollution seen in traditional air conditioners.

Golden Anti-corrosive Condenser

The Golden hydrophilic condenser can improve the heating efficiency by accelerating the defrosting process. The unique anticorrosive golden coating on the condenser can withstand salty air, rain and other corrosive elements.

Up to 6 Star Energy Rating

Energy efficiency is a priority with many models receiving the coveted TESAW awards for energy efficiency. All models are M.E.P.S. (Minimum Energy Performance Standards) compliant to the latest standards.


Item(s): Portable Air condtioners (not Air Coolers):

1HP MPN1-09CR - RM 1,399
1.5HP MPN1-12CR - RM 1,799

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