Prudential PRUGuard My Family. The best insurance policy in Malaysia for companies ,corporate and or

Prudential PRUGuard My Family. The best insurance policy in Malaysia for companies ,corporate and or from Prudential Malaysia Insurance Agent

By: Prudential Malaysia Insurance Agent  26-10-2009
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Why PruGuard My Family is the best?

1. Cost Will Never Increase Annualy

Finance department surely will get a credit for this if they proposing PRUGuard My Family to be implement in the company.
PRUGuard My Family premiums charged to the companies will never increase annually. Premiums for traditional general insurance for companies
will increase annually.

2. Guaranteed Renewal . No new application required every year.

Traditional general insurance subject to annual renewal and the insurance company have right to decline your next year application.
PRUGuard My Family is guaranteed renewal every year and no new application need to be made each year.
Thus, less work and documentation process within company itself. (Finance department and HR department)

3. Protection still continue upon retireed or leaving the company.

Traditional company insurance protection will be stop when retireed or leaving the company.
For retireed staff, to sign up for a new insurance at age 55 is a burden in monthly financial as the premiums monthly is at least RM400 per month.
Plus, if the staff a having illnesses like diabetes , no insurance will accept their application to have an insurance (Medical & Health Insurance).

In the end, you are retireed will no insurance protection.

PRUGuard My Family scheme allowed the staff to take out the policy when they are leaving the company.
The policy taken out must be continuely paid by themself.
The benefits are no new application needed and the premiums monthly is cheaper compare to sign up for a new one at age 55.
The price will be around RM100 to RM250 according the plan.

With PRUGuard My Family, the staff doesnt need to take another insurance now as backup for retirement later. Insignificantly, the company helps
the employee to save money from buying another insurance.

4. Flexible.

The protection plan is flexible and able to be adjusted subject to the individu or group of staff (eg Manager level, supervisor level, income and etc.)

5. The best protection and coverage.

Protection for hospitalization plus out-patient treatment from as low RM50,000 yearly (RM500,000 lifetime) or to the max RM150,000 yearly (RM1,500,000 lifetime)
Death, total permanent disable, accidential deatch, 36 critical illness included in the package.

Special for lady, company may add PRUGuard My Lady which covers women related illness and cancer.
Plus, protection for complication in pregnancy or delivery and baby congenital illnesses.

6. Spouse, Kids or Parents allowed join the PruGuard My Family plan. 30% – 50% than market price.

The staff who are seeking insurance for their spouse, children or parents , all of them able to join PRUGuard My Family plan.
By joining the family together in the PruGuard My Family plan, the premiums per month for them is 30% – 50% cheaper compare signing up
the insurance outside PRUGuard My Family.

For example if the husband paying for an insurance (medical card) for parents (RM300 each), wife (RM200) and 3 kids (RM100 each) = RM1100 per month.

By joining them together in PRUGuard My Family plan, the husband just need to pay RM650 per month. *subject to the plan selected.


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