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We provide a apparatus more than 2000 product to suit your needs as below:

Apparatus as below:
Absorption Radiant Heat
Accumulator 2V (Normals/Dryfit)
Aero Kit
Air Compression Demonstrator
Air Jet Car
Air Puck
Air Track
Alat Cahaya Linear
Alat Menentang Arus
Alcohol Lamp stainless steel
Aluminium plate
Anemometer ( wind speed indicator )
Aneroid Barometer (Demonstration/Precision)
Animal Bone
Animal Cages
Animal Feeding Bottle
Animals Model
Aquarium Air Pump
Aquarium Cover
Aquarium Fish Net
Aquarium Glass
Aquarium Plastic (Round/Square)
Aquarium Stand
Archimede's Law Apparatus
Asbestos Cement Mat 12"x12"
Asbestos Paper 30cmx1m
Autoclave (Aluminium/Stainless Steel)

Balance Bathroom Scale
Balance Dial O Gram
Balance Electronic
Balance Lever Arm
Balance Simple (200gx1g)
Balance Simple Mathematical
Balance spring
  -(1.0N/100g 2.5N/250g 2.5N/250g 5.0N/500g 5.0N/500g 10.0N/1000g 20.0N/2000g)
Balance spring Top Loading
  -(5Kg x 20gm 10Kgx50gm)
Balance Triple Beam
Balance Table Double Pan
  -(200gx0.2g 500gx0.5g 1000gx1.0g)
Ball Bearing
Ball Ring Apparatus (1 handle/2 handle
Bananas plug (Black/Red)
Bananas plug With Wire
Bananas socket (Black/Red)
Bananas socket Safety Type (Black/Red)
Bar Breaking Apparatus
Bar Gauge Apparatus
Barometer Fourtin's
Barometer Fourtin's (Accessory)
Barometer Tube
Base Ten Blocks
Basin Aluminium (200x150x30mm / 280x220x45mm)
Battery Size AA / AAA / D / C / 9V
Battery Button Cell CR2032 / LR44 / LR 41
Battery charger (2, 6 12V)
Battery holder 1 cell Detachable
Battery holder 1 cell With 2 Wires
Battery holder 1 cell With Brass Screw Terminal
Battery holder 2 and 4 cells
Battery holder 2 cells with 2 Wires
Battery holder 2 cells with Base Brass Terminals
Battery holder 2 cells with Brass Terminals
Battery holder 2 cells with Galvanized Screws
Battery holder 4 Cells In Line
Battery holder 4 Cells Side-By-Side
Battery Model 3 Types
Bdg kadar kehilangan haba
Bearing Sudutan
Bell electric 6V (Clear Moulded/Loose Dismantled/Mounted On Base/Mounted With Cell Holder)
Bell in Vacuum (150mm/180mm)
Bell in Vacuum with Light Indicator
Bernouili Tube
Bimetalic Strip with Handle
Bimetallic Function
Binding Post Long (Black/Red)
Binding post short (Black/Red)
Binocular -Red (10x50 / 8x40)
Bioviewer Films
Bioviewer Strips
Blood Lancet
Blood Lancing Device
Blood Pressure
Blow pipe Brass With Nipple (150mm / 200mm)
Bone Cutter
Boss Head (Aluminium / Plastic)
Bottle carriage Double
Bourdon Gauge
Bourdon Gauge Stand
Boyle's law Apparatus
Brown Movement Demo
Brush Burette (Bristle/Cotton End)
Brush Conical (Bristle/Cotton End)
Brush Cylinder (Fan End)
Brush Pipette
Brush Reagent Bottle (Fan End)
Brush Test Tube (Bristle/Cotton/Fan End)
Bulb (MES/SBC)
Bulb 12V (20W / 35W / 100W)
Bulb 24V (150W / 250W)
Bulb 36V 400W
Bulb 6V (10W / 20W)
Bulb 82V 360W
Bulb Holder
Burner Bunsen
Burner Labogaz
Burner Portable
Burner Portable Base
Burner Portable Labogaz
Burning Phosphorous Apparatus
Butterfly Net

Cabinet Storage (2 Frame Glass Door With Lock saiz:457mmx915mmx1829mm)
Caliper (Inside / Outside / Inside Outside)
Caliper Vernier (Digital / Roller Adjustor / Brass / Plastic / Metal )
Caliper Vernier Demo Wooden Type
Calorimeter Block 1kg (Aluminium/Brass/Copper/Iron)
Camera Pin Hole
Can Copper
Can Over Flow
Car Spring
Carboard Tube Joules'
Carbon Disc
Carbon electrodes
Carta Hanger Aluminium
Cas Dalam Voltan Tinggi
Casing Plastic
C-Core clip
Cell Daniel Copper
Cell Leclanche
Cell Simple
Centrifuge Electric
Centrifuge Hand
Centrifuge Tube Plastic
Centripetal Force Kit (GLASS/PVC)
Charcoal Block (25x25x100mm / 25x25x75mm / 30x30x100mm)
Charles' Law Apparatus
Chart Holder
Chromatography Paper
Circuit Board
Circuit Tester
Clamp Burette (Aluminium/Plastic)
Clamp G (2"/3"/4"/5"/6"/8")
Clamp Retort (Aluminium/Plastic)
Clinostat clock
Clinostat Electric (AC/DC)
Clip Crocodile Long Short Handle (Black/Red)
Clip Crocodile short Handle (Black/Red)
Clip Crocodile With Sleeve (Black/Red)
Clip Crocodile With Wire (Black/Red)
Clip Holfman Brass
Clip Holfman Chrome Plated
Clip Mohr's
Clock Chess
Clock Demonstration Plastic
Clock Stop
Clock Stop G
Clock Stop J
Coil Primary Secondary Demo Set
Coil Transformer
Coil with Socket 120 turns (0, 60, 120)
Coil with Socket 2400 turns (0,1200, 2400)
Colour Addition Kit
Colour Blindness Test Book
Colour Disc (Manual / Auto / Primary)
Colour Filter
Compact Light Source
Compass (Aluminium / Plastic / Prismatic / Plotting)
Conductivity Kit
Conductor Nonconductor Large Base
Conductor Rod (Aluminium / Brass / Copper / Glass / Iron)
Conductor Rod Set Of 5
Conductor Rod Set of 6 (Al,Fe,Cu,Zn,Pb,Brass)
Conductor Strip (Copper/Aluminium/Brass/Iron/Lead/Zinc)
Connector Tube (T-Shape / Y-Shape) (Plastic/Glass)
Contact Key
Container of Concave Lens wooden
Container of Convex Lens wooden
Container of Glass Block
Container of Prism wooden
Container of Stopwatch wooden
Container of Thermometer
Cooker Pressure
Copper Plate
Copper Plate With Terminal
Cork Borer (Set of 6 / Set of 12)
Cork Borer Sharpener
Cork Mat
Cork Ring
Cork stopper
Cork stopper With 2 Holes
Cube Centimeter
Cube Material 1cm Set of 11
Cube Material 2cm Set of 12
Cube Material
Current Circuit
Cutter Hot Wire
Cylindrical Len

Demonstration Meter
Demonstration Motor AC DC
Demountable Transformer
Derma Shield
Diffraction Grating
Diffraction grating Kit
Diod Set
Diode (Base/Bulb)
Discharge Tube
Discharge Tube T-Shape
Dish Moisture
Dish white Enamelled
Dissecting Board Wooden
Dissecting Pin Plastic Handle
Dissecting Seeker Pin Plastic Handle
Dissecting set (Diamond / Gold Cross)
Dissecting Tray (Plastic / Rubber)
Dive Ball Demo
DIY Wooden Model
Double Slite Kit
Drawing Compass
Drawing Meter Rule
Drawing Protractor
Drawing Square
Dust Cover (Microscope / OHP)
Duster Cleaner
Dynamo Bicycle Model Cut Off Type
Dynamo Hand Driven Generator AC DC

Ear Phone
Ebonite Rod
Elastic Cord With Rings
Eldon Card ABO RhO
Electric Field Apparatus
Electric Field Demonstrator
Electric Kit
Electric Kit
Electric Motor (mounted/Unmounted)
Electric Motor Demonstrator
Electric Motor Dynamo
Electric Motor Toy
Electrical Energy Conversion Kit
Electricity Board
Electrode Foil (Copper/Zinc)
Electrode Holder
Electrode Plate With Binding Post (Aluminium/Brass/Copper/Iron/Lead/Silver/Zinc/glass)
Electrolysis Cell
Electro-Magnetic Field
Electromagnetic Field Kit
Electromagnetic kit
Electronic kit
Electroscope (Large/Small)
Electrostatic kit
Electrostatic Kit
Energy Conversion Kit
Engine 2 Stroke (Diesel/Petrol)
Engine 4 stroke (Diesel/Petrol)
Engine Model Wankell Rotary
Expansion kit
Experiment Board
Eye Ball Model Demo Type
Eye Model Apparatus

Fibre Optic Apparatus
Filter paper Ashless (High/Medium/Low speed)
Filter paper Qualitative (High/Medium speed)
Filter paper Qualitative Wet Strengthened High Speed
Fleming Left Hand Rule Apparatus (Junior/Senior)
Flip Chart Board
Fluid Pressure Apparatus
Fluorescent Lamp Model
Food Calorimeter
Foot Pump
Force Board Composition and Decomposition of Force
Force Board Vector
Force Mechanical
Force Mechanical Set
Forcep (Blunt/Sharp)
Forcep Curve (Blunt/Sharp)
Forcep Straight (Blunt/Sharp)
Free Fall Apparatus
Friction Kit
FruitVegetable Models
Function of Diaphragm
Function of Diode
Function of Earth Wires
Function of Transistor
Fungsi Dawai (Bumi / Fius)
Funnel Baermann
Funnel Tulgren (Plastic / Stainless Steel)

G.M.Tube c/w counter ratemeter,IEC Cat.No.AP-1884-001
Gas Convection
Gas Jar Spoon
Gas Law Demo Apparatus
Gas refill Labogaz
Gas refill Labogaz Detachable
Gear Set (Mounted/Unmounted)
Generator Audio Signal
Generator Signal Low Frequency
Geo Board
Geometrical Block Hollow
Geometrical Block Plastic (Clear/Color)
Geometrical Block Wooden
Geometrical Folding Type
Gerhana 4 Musim
Germination of Seeds (Dicot/Monocot)
Giant lymphatic Nodes
Glass Ball Crystal
Glass Fit
Glass Tubing Cutter
Globe (Outlines / Physical / Political)
Globe Celestial Star
Globe Geological Structure
Globe Longitude Latitude (Plastic/Wire Type)
Gravity Demo Tube Coin Feather

Hardware Tools
Hardness Tester (Aluminium /Brass Rectagular/Copper/Iron Block)
Hardness Tester Materials
Heat Conduction In Metal Rod
Heater Primary
Heating Mantles
Heating Mantles Soxlet Extraction
Hook's Law Apparatus
Hot Plate Electric
Human primary Health Abdominal Cavity (Male/Female)
Hydraulic Car Brake system
Hydraulic press (Model/Simple/Generator/Primary)
Hydrometer Baume
Hydrometer pump
Hypsometer Regnaults

Illusion Optic Book
Immersion Heater
Inclined Plane
Indicator paper
Induction Coil Electronic
Induction Current Generator
Inertia Balance
Iron Bar

Jockey Brass
Joule Meter

Kettle Electric
Key Cabinet
Kinectic Theory
Kit Block Atribute
Kit Block Fitting
Kit Electrical Energy Conversion
Kit Electromagnetism
Kit Electronic
Kit Melodi Motor
Kit Of Heat
Kit Of Light
Kit Of Light Dark
Kit Of Magnet
Kit Of Ray Optic
Kit Of Sink Float
Kit Of Sound
Kit Of Spring
Kit Of Water
Kit Peka Cahaya Buzzer
Knife switch

Lab Coat (Long sleeves / Short Sleeves)
Lab Jack
Labels Reagent Bottle
Lamp Bench
Lamp House
Laser Pointer (Blue/Green/Red)
Latex Tubing
Lead Acid cell Demo
Lead Bromide
Len Biconcave
Len Biconvex
Len Cylindrical Biconcave
Len Cylindrical Biconvex
Len Cylindrical Plano Convex
Len Holder (Plastic/Wooden)
Len Holder Adjustable (Plastic/Wooden)
Len Meniscus
Len Plano Convex
Len Telescope
Lever Kit
Lever Pulley System
Life History of Bee
Life History of Butterfly
Life History of Fly
Life History of Frog
Life History of Locust
Life History of Mouse
Life History of Silk Worm
Light Box
Light Box Optical
Light Meter
Light Reflection
Lime Cell
Linear Expansion kit
Linear Inertia Kit
Liquid Pressure
Litar Elektrik Ringkas
Litar Rumah
Logic Circuit Kit
Logic Gate
Longitude Latitude
Loop the Loop

Magdeburg Hemispheres (Rubber/Cast Iron)
Magnet Bar
Magnet Cylindrical
Magnet Horse Shoe
Magnet Kit
Magnet Pole Tester
Magnet Ring
Magnet U-shape
Magnetic Field
Magnetic Needle
Magnifier Len
Maize Specimen
Malaysia West
Measuring Tape 12mmx1.5m PVC Type
Measuring Tape 30M Fibre Glass Type
Melting Point Apparatus
Mesin Hidrolik
Mesin Jet Hidraulik
Meter Ammeter AC/DC
Meter Dawai Panas
Meter Digital DC
Meter Galvanometer
Meter Microammeter DC
Meter Miliammeter AC/DC
Meter Voltmeter AC/DC
Micro Balance Kit
Microbiology Slide Box
Microchip Demo
Micrometer Screw Gauge
Microscope Slide
Mirror concave
Mirror convex
Model Cable Car
Model Fan
Model Mesin Gerudi
Model of Atlas Magnified
Model of Earth-quake
Model of ES Diastrophism
Model of ES Folding Constructure and Its Topographic Feature Evolution
Model of ES Plate tectonics and surface configuration
Model of ES Rift constructure
Model of ES Volcano Big size
Model of Sun Structure
Model of Transportation
Model Racing Car
Model Robot
Moisture Dish
Moisture Meter
Motor Electric AC
Multimeter Board
Muslin Cloth

Newton Ring
Newton's Law
Notice Board Foam
Number Counter

Oil Film
Opisometer (Map Measurer)
Optical (Bench/Block/Pin)
Oven memmert

Papan Lapis
Papan Litar Elektrik
Paper Adhesive Synthetic
Paper Synthetic
Parallel Plate Condensor
Pascal Ball Apparatus (Glass/Metal)
Pendulum Bob Brass
Pendulum Bob Copper
Pendulum Bob Lead
Pendulum Bob Stainless Steel
Pengelip Logam
Penggera Kebakaran (Junior/Senior)
Penguji Litar
Pepejal Isipadu kit
Petroleum Distillation
Petroleum Fractions and their uses
PH Chart
PH Meter Digital
PH Tester Analogue
Phenylamine See Aniline
Photometer Farmer
Photometer Ganong
Ping Pong Set of 6 Colour
Pipe Clay
Pipette Bulbs Rubber
Pipette Filler Rubber
Plane Elevation kit
Plane In 3D Object
Plankton Net
Plant Nutrient Experiment
Platinum Loop Holder
Platinum wire
Plier combination
Plug key
Polystyrene Ball
Pond Net
Power Line Terminal
Power supply
Pressure Laws
Principle Transformer
Protractor Plastic
Pulley (Single/Double/Triple Sheave)
Pulley Detachable (Double/Single/Triple)
Pulley In Line (Double/Triple)
Pulley on Boss Head (Horizontal/Vertical)
Pulley on Clamp
Pump Filter
Pump Pi-pump
Pump Vacuum
Pump Water


Rack Lab
Radio Receiver Simple
Rain Gauge
Ray Optic kit
Reaction Car
Relay Demo Model
Retort Base
Retort Ring
Retort Rod
Retort Stand
Ripple Tank
Rock 50 Specimen
Rubber Cone
Rubber stamp
Rubber Stopper
Rubber Teat
Rubber Tubing
Rule Meter

Safety-Chemical Hand Glove
Safety-Disposable face masks cloth
Safety-Disposable glove
Safety-Face Shield
Safety-Fire Blanket
Safety-First Aid Kit
Salt Tester
Saving Box Wooden
Saw Blade
Scalpel Blade
Scissors Dissecting
Screen tripod
Screen wall
Screw Driver
Sealing Film
Secchi Disc
Semiconductor Resistor
Sensor Demo set
Sieves soil
Silicone Tubing
Skeleton of Fish
Skeleton of Frog
Skeleton of Lizard
Skeleton of Pigeon
Skeleton Rabbit
Skin Sensitivity Tester
Skull Cat mounted
Skull Goat mounted
Slide Box microscopic
Slide Cabinet
Slide Magazine
Slide Mnium, Archegonical Head
Slide Projector
Slinky Spring
Smoke Box
Smoke Cell
Sodium Spectrum Lamp
Soil Corer
Soil Filter
Solar Cell
Solar Heater
Solar Panel
Solar System
Solenoid Magnetising and Demagnetising
Solid Geometry
Sound propagation demonstrating apparatus
Spark Counter
Spark Ignitor
Spark Plug Demo set
Specimen of Cat
Specimen of Chicken Embryo Development
Specimen of Earth Worm Dissection
Specimen of Fish
Specimen of Frog Dissected
Specimen of Hearts
Specimen of Hermit Crab
Specimen of House Fly Life History
Specimen of Jelly Fish
Specimen of Mosquito Life History
Specimen of Mouse Dissected
Specimen of Mussel Dissection
Specimen of Pigeon
Specimen of Rabbit
Specimen of Round Spider
Specimen of Sea Anemone
Specimen of shark
Specimen of starfish
Spectrum Tube
Spirometer Bag
Sprayer Model
Stability kit
Stand White Board
Stevenson Screen
Stirrer Magnetic
Stirring Bar
Stool Stand Stool
Stop Clock
Syringe Glass
Syringe Needle

Tangent Galvanometer
Tape Indicator
Teknik2 Asas keselamatan makmar
Telegraph Demo Model
Telephone Demo Model
Telephone Receiver
Tellurian Orbit
Teltron TEL
Teorem Pythagras Magnetic
Test Tube Holder
Thermal Conductivity
Thermo Hygrometer
Thermol Flask
Thermoscope Simple
Ticker Tape paper
Ticker Tape paper carbon
Ticker Tape Timer
Timer Laboratory
Timer Sand egg timers
Tong Beaker
Tong Crucible
Tong Flask
Torch Light
Transformation board
Tray Aluminium
Tripod Stand
Trolley Runway
Tuning Fork

Udara Pengalir Haba

Van de Graaff
Voltameter Hoffman

Water Bath
Water Cycle Demo set
Water Deioniser
Water Kit
Water Level Apparatus
Water Proof Adhesive Synthetic Paper
Water Rocket
Water Still
Waterite Refil
Wave Apparatus
Weighing Height machine
Weight Hanger
Weight Slotted
Weight, set Slotted
Weight, w/hanger Brass
Weight, w/hanger Iron
Wheatstone Bridge
White Board chart
White Screen
White Tile
Wimshurt Machine
Wind Vane
Wine Vane Stand
Wire Aluminium
Wire Brass
Wire constantan
Wire Copper
Wire Gauge
Wire Iron
Wire Manganin
Wire nichrome
Wire Stripper

Young Slit

Zinc plate

Multimedia equipment as below:
Avervision Microscope adaptor
Avervision Document Camera
Avervision Adaptor
Avervision Light source

Microscope Binocular
Microscope Cenderwood Oil
Microscope Dissecting Stereo
Microscope Eye Piece
Microscope Lamp Attachment
Microscope Light Source
Microscope Mechanical
Microscope Monocular
Microscope objective
Microscope Reflector Mirror
Microscope Slide Clip
Microscope Travelling

Overhead Projectors (OHP)
OHP Dynamic Instrument
OHP Glass Condensor
OHP Plastic Square Condensor
OHP portable

Projector Screen
Projector Screen With Tripod
Projector Wall-hanging screen

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